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April 7, 2021

best javascript books: I’m a big fan of JavaScript books. I’ve had the comfort of reading a nice many of the popular JavaScript books on the market. Nowadays I tend to skip the ones targeted to rank newbies. However, I still read a lot of books intended for JavaScript developers with a little expertise. Read More: The Best Java programming books for beginners

Moreover, it has its quirks; JavaScript is here to stay, and now is a good time to learn it! This is why we’ve collected the best javascript books that will help you learn and sharpen your abilities. Read More: 8 Best Java IDEs for Developers

List of best javascript books

Head First JavaScript Programming

best javascript books

This book teaches you everything from JavaScript language fundamentals to advanced tags, including objects, capabilities, and the browser’s document object model. You won’t simply be reading you’ll be playing games, pondering mysteries, solving puzzles, and interacting with JavaScript in ways you never imagined. And also you’ll write real code, lots of it, so you can start building your web applications.

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

best javascript books

This book is a work of art. It walks you through the important concepts with a clear roadmap utilizing clear language. It’s masterfully composed and edited, and unlike most programming books, it’s full of exercises for you to observe.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

best javascript books

It could seem absurd now, however, when this book was written, JavaScript was still a young language which started life as a little scripting language in browsers. At the time, browsers were just beginning to be explored by serious application developers.

In these days, it was easy to ridicule JavaScript, and everyone seemed to do it. However, Douglas Crockford acknowledged that Brendan Eich hid some nuggets in the language which are only now starting to be appreciated by the programming masses. This book explores the basics of these features and should provide you with a new appreciation for how great and refreshing JavaScript is.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

best javascript books

Definitive Guide is divided into two halves called discussion and reference. Every of those two sections contains two parts, core and client-side. The core chapters cover language features similar to data types, capabilities, classes, etc. The client-side chapters cover using JavaScript running in a browser. The Definitive Guide includes specific documentation based on the author’s real-world expertise.

JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

best javascript books

This book was written for anybody who requires using JavaScript to make their websites a little more interesting, engaging, interactive, or usable. Specifically, it’s aimed at people who do not have a degree in computer science (effectively, not yet anyway). So, wherever you have ever struggled to get a script working in your web pages, need a decent idea of how to customize scripts, or want to write your scripts from scratch, this book was written for you.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

best javascript books

An in-depth look at each classical and modern design patterns that help us structure our code in the extremely optimal way. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns is mostly about professional because that looks at advanced JS concepts like prototypal inheritance and closures.

JavaScript Patterns

best javascript books

JavaScript Patterns is superb at teaching patterns of JavaScript along with detailed code examples. The book reveals you the pros and cons of utilizing the various techniques it teaches. JavaScript Patterns is an excellently written book on developing JavaScript applications that should be used as a source by JavaScript developers of all levels.

Learn JavaScript VISUALLY

best javascript books

Visual Learners remember information very differently than their left brained counterparts and therefore benefit from different approaches. Full-color illustrations support memory triggers as your brain never skips an image, metaphor or schema.

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

best javascript books

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja is very masterfully written, that comes as no surprise provided the authors are very skilled in JavaScript. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja is suggested to anybody that wants to become a JavaScript Ninja, which is everybody.

Speaking JavaScript

best javascript books

A book targeted at people they are already familiar with different programming languages and need to learn JavaScript. If Java, PHP, C++, Python or another mainstream language, consider this your fast start guide to the wonderful world of JS.


So, we hope you’ve discovered this article futile, and it will come in useful when you decide which book you need to purchase to improve your programming abilities. However, we wish to highlight that during the studying process everything boils down to our motivation. Therefore we do want you a lot of it for you to become a leading developer like these mentioned in the post.

We hope you enjoy the article best javascript books Stay tuned for more updates.

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