Best » Top 10 Best MMORPGs on PS5 2023: play a wide range of games

Top 10 Best MMORPGs on PS5 2023: play a wide range of games

by Edmund Blake
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Best MMORPGs on PS5

The PlayStation 5 is finally getting a lot of attention now that stock is getting into the hands of console-hungry gamers and some developers are starting to make games for the next-gen system. Sony has been working hard to add as much content as possible to the console that has already come out. Fans can play a wide range of digital games right now. Some of these games are even free, and you can download some of the best MMORPGs on Sony’s newest hardware.

Sony has been working hard to provide as much content as possible to the previously delivered platform, with a large range of digital titles available for gamers to jump into right now. Some of these games are even free, with some of the top MMORPGs available for download on Sony’s latest technology. There are plenty excellent PS5 games available.

In fact, determining which one is ideal for you might be tricky. Do you desire an exciting adventure? A social gathering with friends? Something that will keep you entertained for hours? MMORPGs were never previously available on consoles. But, thanks to technological improvements, they are abundant. As in these excellent examples from the PlayStation 5.

Here is the list of Best MMORPGs on PS5

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The rebirth of Final Fantasy 14, arguably one of the most divisive MMORPGs currently on the market, has been a welcome addition to the genre. Despite a difficult start, developers kept to their intention to bring the realm of Eorzea to life by cancelling the floundering Final Fantasy 14 shortly after it began to fade.

They then went back to the drawing board and created Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, ultimately realising their original vision. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which is currently available as a purchase and subscription game, is one of the best MMORPGs ever produced.


It should come as no surprise to see a Dungeons & Dragons-based MMO on this list, as it was the tabletop game that helped bring in the popularity of the RPG in and of itself. Neverwinter is showing its age graphically, but it still plays well and offers a lot of content. This game is not as large as others, instead relying on a large number of zones and instances for certain types of content, but the gameplay is fairly action-oriented, and it has a wide fantasy world to explore with friends and strangers alike.

The Elder Scrolls Online

There’s no denying The Elder Scrolls has had a significant impact on the field of role-playing games for mac. Skyrim has been re-ported at least a dozen times, and gamers can experience their adventure as the Dragonborn on a dizzying array of consoles and hardware. It’s easy to see why, as Skyrim provides some incredibly exciting RPG gameplay, interesting combat, and incredible story-based role-playing chances.

This is why The Elder Scrolls Online is so enjoyable. It takes the formula that fans of The Elder Scrolls have come to know and love and changes it into an MMO, allowing players to team up with other TES fans and enjoy a range of recognisable places and characters. Overall, it is one of the best MMORPGs on PS5 that you can steam from official site.

DC Universe Online

All of your favourite and least favourite DC Universe characters unite in this comics-based free-to-play action MMO in which players can take on the roles of heroes or villains. Players travel from Metropolis to Gotham on story-driven quests written by well-known DC Comics creators. They will meet renowned DC characters such as Batman, Superman, The Joker, and many more along the way. Some are buddies, while others are foes. Speaking of buddies, you should join a League to locate others who are interested in creating content with you.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, maybe the most well-known MMORPG on our list, has been a household name since 2004. Today, it continues to draw fans from all over the world and boasts some of gaming’s most legendary characters, including Alexstrasza, Khadgar, and Tyrande Whisperwind. Players are transported to a high fantasy world where they can participate in epic dungeons and tales, raids, open-world PvP, duels, and battlegrounds.

In compared to Final Fantasy 14, WoW’s free trial is substantially shorter, only enabling players to experience the first 20 levels for free (the level cap is 70), with each character being bound to the specific class that you choose for them. Despite this, WoW’s class designs are probably among of the best in gaming, with each having multiple specialties to focus on that totally modify the gameplay of its many classes.

Destiny 2

The follow-up to Bungie’s now-defunct console exclusive is a free-to-play MMOFPS with role-playing elements and an engaging plot. The game has three playable classes and an XP-based progression system. Players have access to tens of thousands of things that allow them to customise their characters.

The tale unfolds as players complete primary story quests. While not promoted as an MMO, Destiny 2 does offer enormous player involvement. It offers co-op multiplayer, which allows characters to work together on objectives and missions. Team arenas and other scenarios, as well as a PvE/PvP mode, are part of the PvP gameplay.

Star Trek Online

The final frontier is space. These are your starship’s journeys. Didn’t we have you going there for a second? Star Trek Online is a Star Trek fan’s fantasy game. You’ll get to pilot a starship and explore the many quadrants of the universe to see what’s out there and what you can do.

The best part is you don’t have to join the Federation if you don’t want to. You’ll be able to choose among other races, and no matter whose side you’re on, you’ll have a rich plot with over 100 chapters to participate in and enjoy. Visit iconic locales, meet famous characters, and venture boldly where no one has gone before.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online bills itself as a “real MMORPG.” Why is that? Part of the reason is that when it came out in 2017, it was acclaimed by them as a title with state-of-art-graphics and a big universe full of adventures. To their credit, the graphics are good, and the game contains a lot of content.

According to them, there are “multitudes” of things to do across the game’s universe. But the most important part of that statement is that you don’t have to have an action-packed experience if you don’t want to. You have the choice to live a simpler life as a farmer, trader, horse trainer, or something else! So go ahead and plunge in and see what you want to accomplish.

No Man’s Sky

Not everyone considers this one an MMO, and that’s okay, but we do. While playing, you can meet a lot of individuals and spend hours charting the galaxy with your companions. we realise it’s technically a survival game like some of the games we discussed at the start of this piece, but No Man’s Sky seems distinctive. Hello Games has turned what was once a letdown into one of the most spectacular virtual planets available. It’s massive, never-ending, and immensely fun to explore.

New World

Amazon Game Studios’ New World MMORPG is focused on the colonisation of America, with players going to a nation steeped in mystery to unearth its secrets. The world blends distinctive armour and aesthetics due to its 1600s period with a high-fantasy atmosphere for a genuinely unique player experience, as you combat against NPC Humans corrupted by the island of Aeternum’s supernatural, dark power source.

You’ll be able to participate in dungeons, PvP content that throws 25 to 50 people against one another, and even a PvPvE mode as you vie for control by killing foes and gathering resources for your team while you explore and unravel the world’s lore. New World is full with abilities based on fighting and non-combat areas of the game, providing you with a wide range of options as you freely explore the various weapons and qualities.

Final Words

In this article, we have assembled the best MMORPGs on PS5 in 2022, where you will find existing projects that you can play right now and the most anticipated ones coming out in 2022. There are several possibilities in all genres and subgenres of MMO and MMO-related games that need little to no concessions. Many of these games will be better than ever with the debut of PlayStation 5, with quicker load times and improved performance.

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