Best PDF Editors

Best PDF Editors

Unlike editable text files, PDFs are photographs of documents. The best PDF editors may become a dynamic, editable document with the use of PDF editing tools. These systems allow for the creation of and uploading of PDF documents. Not to be mistaken with document generation software are these options. In contrast to document production software, which is collaborative and permits users to change any area of the document, best PDF editors frequently feature password protection to access and edit documents and selected fields.

With the best  PDF editors, you can accomplish even more with PDF files. The actual question, though, is which PDF editor best fits your requirements and process. Despite how they seem, Portable Document Format files can be modified using similar tools to how you can modify a text document. The top PDF editors let you to access nearly any PDF file and edit, modify, annotate, sign, or convert it to another common file format, such as Microsoft Word.

The best PDF editors let you make changes to text, graphics, and more, include comments, work together with customers and coworkers, and generate and sign online forms. In conclusion, if you frequently work with PDF files for contracts, proposals, presentations, reports, or other purposes, it’s definitely worth thinking about getting one. In order to choose the best PDF editors, we studied a number of the most popular programs and assessed them based on their level of flexibility, usability, output quality, any added features, and cost effectiveness.

Here is the list if Best PDF Editors

Adobe Acrobat

Operating globally with more than 75 million users worldwide, there’s a Lumin user located in almost every continent in the world – including Antarctica! Lumin offers seamless integration into G-Suite and boats a range of intuitive digital tools to add eSignatures, text, highlights and more to your PDF documents in the cloud. Edit raw pdf text directly within your documents for ease of date changes and minor updates to contracts and agreements. Still, it is one of the best PDF editors that you can consider.

Create a seamless eSignature workflow to collect and request digital signatures Comment, tag & collaborate with your team from anywhere Sync with the Google tools you know and love – Access a range of digital tools including adding shapes, images, text, comments, highlights and Access a range of advanced pdf features for manipulating documents, compressing files for sending, splitting files and much more.

Lumin PDF for G Suite

The New Zealand-based company Lumin was launched in 2014 and offers cloud-based PDF editing and document workflow software. There is a Lumin user in practically every continent in the world, including Antarctica, with more than 75 million users worldwide! When it comes to adding eSignatures, text, highlights, and other features to your PDF documents stored in the cloud, Lumin offers easy connection with G-Suite and a number of user-friendly digital tools. So, if you want one of the best PDF editors, we highly recommend these apps.

Acrobat Pro DC

Since Adobe is the company that created the portable document format, you would expect Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to be excellent. In some ways, it does. Acrobat Pro DC provides a full suite of the best PDF editors and even allows you to edit scanned documents. However, Acrobat doesn’t offer to convert an entire document the moment you open it.

Instead, the software waits for you to start using the Pro DC’s edit tools, recognizing and converting the pages as you select them for editing. The OCR engine in Acrobat DC can convert scanned to text, which you can then read and change. It’s straightforward to modify text and photos in documents that have been OCR’d, and the results look fantastic. You can also easily change text and images in non-scanned documents.

Xodo PDF Reader

However, Xodo PDF Reader, which can be downloaded for free, is also the best PDF editors for Android. Don’t be misled by the name; this tool also allows you to generate and edit PDF files in addition to reading them. Additionally, you may immediately write on a PDF, underline and highlight text, complete forms, sign documents, and make notes on blank PDFs. Your updates may be auto-synced with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive.

You may use the program to open and save PDF versions of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Excel files. While designed with Android tablets and phones in mind, Xodo is also available for iOS and Windows devices, interacts well with a sister Chrome app, and allows the usage of styluses in addition to being compatible with Adobe Acrobat and other PDF readers that enable common PDF annotations.

Nitro PDF Pro

Although PDFPenPro for Mac offers a comparable feature set but is more affordable than Nitro PDF Pro, which is exclusively available for PC. What makes Nitro PDF Pro a top PDF editor is that sleek and straightforward user interface – instantly familiar to anyone who utilizes Microsoft’s Office software. One of the best PDF editors for Windows is Nitro PDF Pro, which is also a well-known product used by prominent Fortune 500 companies.

The software’s ribbon-style user interface enables quick access to all of Nitro PDF Pro’s most essential features, including editing, merging, signing, and converting PDFs. It has a ton of capabilities, and throughout our assessment, we determined that it is appropriate for both large projects that call for more sophisticated tools and modest tweaks. Both novices and seasoned PDF editors can use it because of its user-friendly design.


Kofax Power PDF, a Nuance product, is simple to use and straightforward, especially if you are familiar with Microsoft Office. Again, there are two versions: Power PDF Standard and Power PDF Advanced. Standard offers the essential capabilities that the majority of users want, such converting files to and from PDF and merging numerous files into a single PDF.

As a result, you may start using it right away. Additionally, you may modify pictures, annotate, and edit text within PDFs. With Advanced, you may redact information, apply Bates numbering to pages, export to a variety of cloud storage providers, and have many individuals working on the same document at once. It will also make scanned documents searchable using OCR.

PDF Candy

You may explicitly select the editing tool you need with PDF Candy, a web-based best PDF editors. After that, you may submit your PDF file and make the required edits before downloading the revised version. Since this PDF editor is hosted on the cloud, you may simply access it using a Windows 10 operating system, among many others, and yet you only need to verify that your browser is up to date.

When it comes to editing, PDF Candy gives you practically unlimited options, including page deletion, OCR introduction and protection, compression, conversions, combining, ordinary PDF editing, page deletion, adding watermarks, resizing, formatting, extracting pictures or text, and much more.

PDFelement Pro

It transforms various document formats and picture files into editable PDFs that can be commented and modified in one place. PDFelement is a document management solution for companies of all sizes. The system has the ability to convert items into PDF format from picture uploads, scanned documents, or images shot directly on mobile devices.

Both picture files like and Microsoft office file formats like can be used as input files. With the help of the system’s collaboration capability, people with access to the processed PDF file may change text and add comments without affecting key design elements like formatting, typeface, and data cells. Currently, this is one of the best PDF editors that you can check right now.

EaseUS PDF Editor

The original fonts, images, and other document formatting will appear the same across all devices when you use a PDF file. Now you can quickly produce a blank PDF or convert your photos, Office files, and other common files to PDF while maintaining the original information and format using EaseUS PDF editing software. Team members may now collaborate on PDF documents simply.

Simply add comments, boxes, arrows, lines, and other highlights to draw attention to and clarify the document’s key points; build page bookmarks for easy page navigation; and instantly distribute a PDF version to your team members. Create a new fillable PDF form for questionnaire or any other purposes without trouble.  Overall, this is one of the best PDF editors that you can check right now.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is the best PDF editors that’s the successor to the outstanding PDF-Change Viewer. It now has a completely new look that is more clearer and simpler to use. In addition, PDF-XChange Viewer has all of the same advantages as its predecessor, including editing tools for text selection, highlighting, and strikeout. You can quickly trace changes in documents thanks to the availability of stamps and commenting options, features that are occasionally absent from free PDF readers.

Long PDF files may also have their individual pages extracted or deleted, and additional content such as text, photos, blank pages, or whole PDF documents Both the free and pro tiers of PDF-XChange Editor are fully functioning. What is important to remember is that the majority of consumers could just require the free tier. Even the premium features, which only add a watermark, are functional.

Final Words

To provide you a list of the best PDF editors, we have examined desktop programs, free online PDF editors, and online PDF editors in this post. The finest PDF editing software overall is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, and PDFelement is a platform with many features. Our top picks for PDF editing software include PDFelement, Foxit PhantomPDF, Nuance Power PDF, Nitro Pro, and Acrobat Pro DC. Free plans are available from and PDF Expert. Even when used for business purposes, AbleWord software is absolutely free.

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