Best PDF Readers

Best PDF Readers

For viewing, editing, annotating, digitally signing your documents, and more, the best PDF readers are great. Most modern browsers will open PDF files for free if all you need to do is read them. However, PDF editors, free PDF editors, and specialized PDF reader software are appropriate if you wish to do a little more with your files.

A program called a PDF reader enables you to open and view PDF files. “Portable document format” is called PDF. Although it cannot be changed, this format is simple to print and distribute. The files cannot be changed back to their original format after being saved as PDFs without specialized software. When you wish to distribute a non-editable document, you can use that format.

The best PDF readers can be opened on any operating system and are easy to attach to emails, messages, and websites, so they are very popular.Another advantage of PDF documents is that it cannot be easily edited. Therefore, it is widely used by both individuals and companies to store digital versions of documents, learning materials, gadgets, and resume manuals.

Nowadays, the first thing that springs to mind when someone has to access a PDF file is their web browser, as the most of them now come with a built-in PDF reader. The requirement for specialized PDF reader or PDF viewer software has decreased as a result. However, advanced the best PDF readers software still prefers capabilities like digital signature, form filling, annotation, etc.

Here is the list of Best PDF Readers

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is not only the best PDF reader, it can create PDF files from scratch, and its integration with Microsoft Office allows you to quickly create PDF versions of papers you are working on. You can also use Foxit Reader to scan documents and images and create PDFs from them. Support for optical character recognition of scanned documents is the only item missing from the free version.

The program is really easy to use, if a bit intimidating at first, because it uses the same ribbon-style menus as Microsoft Office. Accessing tools such as editing, signature, highlighting, and commenting is not too difficult. If you download the free software add-on for the program, you will be able to merge and split PDF files.

Nitro Reader

The best PDF readers like Nitro Reader are well known for striking a balance between great capabilities and usability. It offers only the features you require in a PDF reader and has a simple UI. PDF files can be viewed, created, reviewed, shared, and secured. It’s simple to create new PDF files by dragging and dropping the file into the reader. There, you can alter the new PDF’s colors and orientation.

In terms of security, it utilizes digital certification. If you use that option, only people who have a digital certificate from you can open your files. Additionally, it has a built-in digital signature that you may use to sign papers.

Javelin PDF reader

The Javelin is the best PDF readers software prioritizes security while respecting users’ privacy and their data. Although it is not the flashiest PDF viewer, it does include all the essential capabilities. Its key selling point is the absence of extra features. File encryption is essentially a function that stops people from using your files without your consent, in case you are unfamiliar with it. To stop someone from duplicating or sharing your data, encrypt them.

If necessary, you can even limit who can print from your files. Additionally, the files can be programmed to become inaccessible after a certain period of time, adding an added degree of security for very sensitive data. It has a premium edition that adds additional security features for papers that need to be especially secure and is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.


Download and use SumatraPDF, an open source portable PDF reader, on your Windows PC. Supported. If you are seeking a software that can give you a great reading experience with quick performance and necessary features, SumatraPDF is the best PDF reader for you.

However, it lacks sophisticated features like form filling, document signing, and annotations. It offers a number of keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to navigate and enhance your reading experience. In addition, Sumatra offers a simple LaTeX document preview, and you can set up several text editors to work with Sumatra. This free PDF viewer also allows for limited mode operation.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is an excellent choice if you want to work with others on your PDF files. With this cloud-based best PDF readers, you may upload scans to produce PDFs or convert Excel sheets, Word documents, or PowerPoint presentations into PDFs. You can safely share numerous PDFs on the cloud with Foxit Reader by combining them into a single file. To keep your files secure and confidential, it contains incredible security features including encryption, passwords, and digital signatures.

Even the JavaScript that is included in PDFs is disabled in the safe reading mode. You can easily share your work with readers, allow them to update it or comment on it, and collaborate with them using Foxit Reader. The best thing is that you can keep tabs on their activities, see who opens your document, and see the modifications they make. Foxit Reader is compatible with Android, macOS, Linux, and web browsers and connects with the best CMS platforms.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader if you’re seeking for a strong tool to read PDF files. It’s not unusual to encounter a PDF file that requires a sophisticated PDF viewer. Here, I’m referring to the fillable forms that a standard PDF reader program for Windows cannot handle. Different reading modes, text highlighting, adding notes, filling out forms, digital signatures, stamps, and other features are offered by Adobe Reader for Windows.

The best PDF readers from Adobe for Windows also supports tabbed views, allowing you to open multiple PDF files at once. Therefore, installing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the best option if your needs aren’t straightforward, you don’t just want to “read” PDF files, and you need extensive functionality.

Nitro PDF Reader

The interface of Nitro appears to have been directly copied from Microsoft Office. Additionally, this PDF viewer has a ton of features, just like the industry-leading office suite. With Nitro, unlike many other best PDF readers, you can complete forms and digitally sign documents. A PDF can be changed into a plain text document, notes added, and images extracted.

Although the free version of Nitro PDF Reader is still available, you cannot download it. You are compelled to download a 14-day trial version of Nitro Pro, and if you don’t activate a pro license, the free reader will expire. You will no longer be able to edit pages, combine multiple files, use OCR, convert PDFs into Office formats, or redact sensitive data once the trial period has over.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and backup platform that allows users to access files, documents, images, and more, store them in a secure location, and work together. Anywhere the user is at the time, including at home, while traveling, or at work, they can utilize the Google Drive platform to access, share, edit, collaborate on, and access files.

Even in the event of a technological catastrophe, files are safeguarded and safely saved thanks to Google Drive’s security and backup mechanisms. Whatever happens to the users’ devices, Google Drive securely stores their files. Users of Google Drive get access to more features than just file storage. Users can edit files together from any device and share them with anybody they choose.

Web Browser

Your browser is one of the simplest methods to view PDF files. The majority of current online browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari, allow you to open, edit, and sign PDF files. You can access ones that are stored on your device or ones that are found online. Naturally, accessibility is the biggest benefit. Today, everyone has a web browser, and all it takes to open a file from your PC is to drag and drop it into the browser. That is all there is to it. The majority of PDF reading features, such as printing, rotating, downloading, and so forth, are available in web browsers. Currently, this is one of the best PDF readers that you can check right now.

PDF-XChange Editor

The next item on the list is the best PDF readers and editor for Windows called PDF XChange Editor. Standard capabilities are provided, including reading, viewing, producing, annotating, saving photos, printing, and adding signatures, notes, and texts to PDF files. The Optical Character Recognition capability that PDF XChange Editor has is what makes it special because it aids in editing and turning printed and photocopied documents into searchable documents by scanning and recognizing the text on them.

Even text formatting and font conversion are supported. Additionally, PDF XChange Editor enables you to record audio and attach additional files to your documents in addition to allowing you to split and merge individual PDF files. To protect your papers, you can make use of its autosave and auto-recovery features.

Final Words

With the help of the best PDF reader, you can create, manage, and protect PDF files all in one place. It can help you make challenging PDF related activities simpler. There are numerous professional Windows PDF readers on the market. Choosing the finest PDF viewer to edit, modify, or manage your PDF files is very difficult. For your needs, we have compiled a list of the best PDF readers. Applications known as PDF readers are used to open, view, and print files in the Portable Document Format (PDF).

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