The Best Pokemon of 2021

Best Pokemon – This year Pokémon franchise turns 21 years old, and what better time to remember and carefully characterize our favorites from over the course of its two-decade history? Whether you are an anime fan, a gamer, or the clueless parent of each chance are you know what Pokemon is. They are those adorable and colorful creatures on which countless games and episodes of bad Japanese cartoons are based. Today we’re here with a list of The Best Pokemon of 2021.

So, check out our list of Best Pokemon of 2021 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

Best Pokemon of 2021 – List


Just like people, Pokemon comes in all size and shapes. Some are athletic and lithe, others fluffy and cute. And then there is Snorlax, a creation whose defining trait is its talent to sleep everywhere at any time. In the games they can be bothersome a dozing Snorlax can regularly be found blocking a path that prevents you from progressing.


Gyarados thrashes into 10th place. When it Mega emerges, it drops its Flying element for the Dark type, gains a lot of energy, and does not change in height both are a little over 21 ft big. You do not want to mess with these big lads according to the Pokedex Gyarados rampages often and can ruin whole cities with its wrath.

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Milotic is a beautiful water snake Pokemon with a lovely tail and pink eyebrow fins—or whatever those are. I love her only because she evolves from the ugly, gross fish Pokemon Feebas. Milotic is a gentle remember that there are good looks in all of us.


Cubone is the saddest Pokemon in existence. The little man wears a skull on its head, which is creepy enough until you realize that it’s the skull of its dead mom. According to the Pokedex, ‘when it thinks of its dead mom, it cries. It’s crying causes the head it wears rattle hollowly.


This mysterious and legendary Pokémon has two forms: Origin and Altered. The Origin form drawn here is a bit taller and more serpent-like. I would keep well away from this monster; it’s said to have been transported from Earth for a violent act. Now, it silently follows events from an alternate and distorted dimension. Giratina is a vast and eerie Pokémon, but we still have many more behemoths to explore!


You do not need to know much about Rapidash to know why it is so great: it’s a flaming horse. A horse, you’ll ride, which is also on fire. At the same time. Plus, it has a unicorn-like horn, which I assume makes it more aerodynamic because it can run upwards of 150 miles per hour.

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It’s a simple Pokemon but its high. It’s true that Charizard isn’t a rare Pokemon. But it’s cool to know that this Pokemon is superb even it’s just an ordinary Pokemon. Its power is excellent at quite a speed.


I don’t know why, but Oddish is my favorite Pokemon. It’s most likely because he’s so lovable. Imagine a blue turnip with goofy ft and a cartoon face, and you have pictured Oddish.


Gengar is a staple Pokemon when it comes to rival Pokemon battling. He is a glass cannon of sorts; he has incredibly powerful attacks and is fast enough, but he can not take much of a hit. His design is nothing special but Gengar’s strength and the fact he is become my go-to Pokemon when battling makes him one for the Best pocket monsters out the re.


When Steelix unleashes its Mega form, it does not obtain a new element but grows even more powerful. Its physical resistance stat is amazingly high, and the creature gains some mysterious markings across its body. If you choose gold over silver, catch a rare “shiny” Steelix to train a brighter version of this titan.