Best Secure Messaging Apps For iPhone of 2021

Secure Messaging Apps For iPhone – iOS Secure Messaging apps are sharp when you want to send & receive sensitive information through the secure text messaging with your iPhone. The normal messaging apps are sending the data without any of encryption to the receiver, and a hacker can easily read your communication without much trouble using packet sniffing. The most straightforward solution to keep your communication secure is to depend on the encrypted messaging app.

For fast and easy communication, instant messaging is more comfortable than email and more secure than the SMS text messaging – at least if you have the right app. Some apps even offer to self-destruct functionality, letting you send messages that are automatically deleted after they’re read. Today we are here with the list of Best Secure Messaging Apps For iPhone of 2021 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂

Listed Best Secure Messaging Apps For iPhone

Secure Messaging Apps For iPhone
App NameApp RankApp Rating
WhatsApp1st9.5 out of 10
Signal2nd9.4 out of 10
Telegram Messenger3rd9.3 out of 10
Threema4th9.3 out of 10
Wickr5th9.2 out of 10
Ceerus6th9.2 out of 10
Viber7th9.1 out of 10
ChatSecure8th9.1 out of 10
Surespot9th9.0 out of 10

Secure Messaging Apps For iPhone – List


Many of reports claim that around 42 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp on the everyday basis. This fact alone shows that how immense WhatsApp is. More than one billion people in the world use WhatsApp. Available for the multiple platforms and this app is accessible on the mobile operating system and PC platforms. In the latest versions of the WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption is possible. This secure chat app encrypts by using a Message Key using AES256 in the CBC mode as well as the HMAC-SHA256 for encryption and authentication.


End-to-end encryption and user-friendly interface make Signal Private Messenger app a top choice for every business users wanting a fast and easy solution to their communication security problems. This strong tool lets users set up the encrypted groups for a private conversation, and since it uses your existing address book and phone number, you do not have to remember any of additional usernames or passwords or keep a separate contacts list.

In addition to offering a free messaging you want, Telegram makes it easy to sync with your conversations across the various devices, so you can start a chat on your own phone and then pick it up on your laptop or PC without missing a beat. It lets you share media and files without any size limits, but note that the default setting will automatically store your data in the Telegram Cloud.


Threema is the most popular and secure messaging app available today and deservedly so. It does what it is supposed to do, that is storing data out of corporations, Governments, and hackers. Threema brings end-to-end encryptions of group chats, messages, shared media, and even status. Along with security features, it is a comprehensive messaging app, thanks to some unique features like a poll, ability to send the most file types like (pdf, doc, gif, mp3, etc..) along with usual features like voice messages, sending texts and more.


Wickr – Top Secret Messenger, as it likes to call itself is another messaging app that aims to bring a secure chat experience. Most of its features are designed to make you feel more assured. It brings end-to-end encryption of texts, voice messages, videos, and pictures. There are some additional security features like anonymity when it comes to the Wickr ID, no metadata info, and ability to set an expiration time on all messaging content and more. Wickr also claims not to read any messages of yours, not collect any of your information and doesn’t own the media or text you send on Wickr.


Designed to secure voice or video calls as well as messaging, Ceerus is a step up in the form some of the free apps looked here in that it can scale to the enterprise, departmental, and government use and can cite a British defense giant as a trial customer. It costs $12.90 per month and after a free trial period of the month has expired, which means it will have a different level of development and support.


Viber is another great instant messaging app accessible on over cross-platforms with ease. There is no need to register with the fuzzy usernames and passwords. This app comes with an unlimited free voice or video calls to other users with ease. The app also comes with a version for desktop or laptop computers allowing you to stay connected all the time.


ChatSecure is a free and the open source instant private messaging app that can be used for building a new account. This app is flexible in letting the user choose by connecting an existing Google account. It doesn’t require your mobile number and any other personal data to get started. Loaded with the OTR, XMPP, and Tor. It encrypts your messages from the day one and making sure that the users are truly safe as unlike just the claims of other apps.


Surespot Encrypted Messenger might not have The Best user interface among secure messaging apps, but its security & privacy features are robust indeed. Every message sent via using Surespot is the end-to-end encrypted with the symmetric key encryption. According to Surespot, whatever you want to send to a person will only be read by that person, Period. Surespot also features the voice messages that are encrypted in the same way as text messages, so nothing to worry about here.