The Best Youtubers of All Time

Update - 2020.04.02

Best Youtubers of All Time – Since it was first started in 2005, YouTube has developed into one of many most significant websites on the net and THE approach to share video content material with a mass viewers. With a lot of content and so many alternative people uploading music and videos – among different things – it has by no means been more comfortable to share such media on a universal computation.

Those who’ve remained in a situation to realize on this have become pseudo-celebrities of sorts. With all of the waves of content on the market, there are some on YouTube who’ve been in a position to gain a following of their very own and stick out from other “YouTubers” with their channels. Although there are the tons of people doing a lot of the same thing, those who succeed online are ones that can entertain us with what’s familiar while bringing on their very own twist.

This list focuses solely on these “YouTubers.” Which means no celeb VEVOs, or multichannel networks like Machinima. This list focuses on the people who’ve separated themselves from the pack and left their very own mark on the YouTube community.

Best YouTubers Of All Time – List

1. Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie is a Swedish YouTuber who focuses on a little phenomenon referred to as “Let’s Play.” The remarkably clear method has sling many to immense success on YouTube and is so silly, you wouldn’t imagine it was entertaining till you saw it with your own eyes: it’s merely a person’s face floating in a small display in the corner, whereas they play a video game. The games he plays are usually scary and action-related games, most prominently Amnesia, a game so was a talk of the (online) town and regarded by many to be a terrifying game ever.


JennaMarbles, in any other name known as Jenna Mourey, is undoubtedly one of few feminine channel-owners into that Top 20. Mourey earns identification in 2010 unitedly with her hilarious video “ trick individuals into thinking you’re good looking.” After before Jenna becomes continue updating her channel as shortly as a week with a new video bomb.

Marbles’ videos principally characteristic her sitting in front of a white wall in her bedroom having a random conversation with herself either her dogs. Her bombast covers dozens of exciting subjects comparable to“How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To,” “What Girls Do On The Internet,”  “How To Get Ready For A Date,” and so on.

Furthermore, now Jenna create makeup tutorials including “What Girls and Guys Do” video episodes. Right here she explains the distinction between women and men. Although these videos aren’t ground-breaking materials, they’re incredibly entertaining. Jenna’s enjoyable channel is at present essentially the most subscribed one on YouTube.

3. PointlessBlog

 Did you see The Pointless Book on the bestseller cabinets over Christmas? Meet the person behind it, Sunday Times bestselling writer Mr. Alfie Deyes. You may additionally refer to him as Mr. Zoella, for he’s the other half of Zoe Sugg also conclude the YouTube power couple known as Zalfie.

Deyes found fame all by himself before dating Zoe although. His assortment of unique and comedic videos gained him millions of subscribers throughout three channels, together with PointlessBlogTV and AlfieGames: 1,979,169 people signed up to watch his video diaries while 1,252,637 like nothing more than watching him play video games.

4. Smosh

 The duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox first earn attention on YouTube with lip-synching the Pokémon anime, and Mortal Kombat theme songs. Over time they began to diversify and eventually started writing skits. Their annual series “Food Battle” is considered one of their hottest collection, gaining the channel a lot of site visitors in its early years. Smosh’s skits give attention to over-the-top scenarios and intentional overacting that’s develop into their trademark since becoming a member of YouTube. The two have additionally put out a variety of music videos and have launched four albums beneath the Smosh moniker. The recognition of the channeled to the creation of seven different channels together with Smosh 2nd Channel; primarily consisting of vlogs, Shut Up! Cartoons; consisting of a figure of ten episode animated series made by entirely different animators and Smosh Games; a channel devoted completely to the gaming world.


NigaHiga is an extraordinarily popular comedy channel, and the vast majority of the videos are made by one man, Ryan Higa. Higa experiments into many varieties: bright parodies (“Daily Life of Rustin Hieber”, “Movies in Minutes”), hilarious how-to guides (“How To Be Emo” or “How To Be Gangster”), some so-professed “Off the Pill” rants, “Dear Ryan” Q&A videos, and way more. NigaHiga channel become exist at YouTube top 20 for many years. It’s for sure something you shouldn’t miss.

6. The Psychic Twin

 Linda Jamison and Terry are summarizing to signify the world’s unique perfect pair of psychic twins — and both presently appear to be toward YouTube. The twins recently begin their channel by the guidance of YouTube superstar Shane Dawson — Moreover, it already has over 200,000 subscribers. If that does not evidence that we surely recognize them in your expectation, we don’t distinguish whatever it is. They have foretold some of the world’s greatest events plus instantly they’re predicting the futures of any of your favorite YouTubers.


Lindsey Stirling first earns credit on her YouTube channel, which featured videos of herself taking part in the violin and dancing. After her skills had helped her acquire a following of almost 8 million YouTube subscribers, the 29-year-old was named considered one of Forbes’ Top 30 Musicians Underneath 30, turned a quarter-finalist on the talent competition America’s Got Talent, also get a spot on the Billboard Charts for her 2014 album Shatter Me. With earnings of $6 million over the year, Stirling is YouTube’s third-highest-paid star.

8. The FineBros/The FineBros2


Brooklyn natives Benny and Rafi Fine are the two online producer/author/directors who created the extraordinarily successful React video series. In React’s several iterations (Kids React, Teens React, Elders React and YouTubers React), The FineBros present viral videos to tags and film their reactions. The duo has also been sponsored by both Ford and Comedy Central. Many think about The FineBros to be two of the first YouTube stars.

9. SkyDoesMinecraft

Adam Dahlberg is a massively well-liked Minecraft YouTuber who initially received widespread as a part of a Minecraft team referred to as Team Crafted. Like many Minecraft YouTubers, Dahlberg frequently posts gameplay videos and commentary.

10. Pentatonix


YouTube and music are intrinsically bound, so it’s no surprise that a singing group makes our list. This a cappella five-piece rose to prominence because the winners of the NBC’s The Sing-Off in 2011, although they didn’t start there on favorite YouTube channel till 2012. Their massive enchantment hinges on both the inventive approach they use YouTube to showcase their style. 

With six releases underneath their belts—three during 2014 alone—Pentatonix got their first Grammy nomination this following year. Their Daft Punk composition already earned them a Streamy of 2021—and over 100 million views on their channel.

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