Best Xbox One Apps

Best Xbox One Apps

The primary reason to purchase an Xbox One is to play games, but if that’s all you do with it, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. The best Xbox One apps provide you access to a wealth of video material, including your favourite movies and TV series, but that’s not all. The best Xbox One apps for movies, music, sports, and more are listed here.

There are standouts in each area, as well as programmes with excellent built-in controls that do not require the use of a virtual mouse. The Xbox series of consoles is more than simply a gaming system; it now offers a full array of entertainment choices, with the Xbox frequently used to stream movies and TV episodes, surf the internet, and even watch live TV if desired.

This is also true of smartphones, which are practically mini supercomputers nowadays, and one easy example is that you can easily play on Platincasino on mobile phone nowadays, which would not have been conceivable even a decade or so ago. Below we mentioned best Xbox One apps

Here is the list of Best Xbox One Apps


Crunchyroll is an essential anime streaming site, including hundreds of new and old anime series, as well as Japanese live action dramas. Crunchyroll is available in both premium and free, ad-supported versions, and the app’s design and layout operate well on best Xbox One apps and Windows 10.

Crunchyroll, like Netflix, synchronises your saved shows and playing time across platforms, making it simple to switch between your laptop or PC and Xbox without losing your spot. Crunchyroll Premium costs $4.99 a month and allows you to watch ad-free HD content. Make sure to have a look!


The best Xbox One apps is Mixer, Microsoft’s game-streaming service, offers quick live broadcasts that livestreaming enthusiasts will like. Customizable soundboards and visual features to co-streams allow for fun and personal interaction between streamers and watchers, while simple setup makes it easy to stream from anywhere at any time with your Xbox One.

When you’re not broadcasting or watching a stream, you can interact with other members via the chat feature or community forum. The best part is that Mixer is incorporated directly into your Xbox One no need to download an app from the store.


The Spotify app for Xbox allows you to listen to your favourite songs on their own or in the background while gaming. Remotely customise your listening experience using your smartphone or the best Xbox One apps menu. Spotify offers over 35 million songs and pre-made playlists depending on your listening behaviour, whether you have a free, unlimited, or premium account. If you enjoy video game soundtracks, Spotify has dedicated game playlists including songs from Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and other games.


Without Netflix, no current app list would be complete. Netflix is the ultimate subscription-based streaming service, with a vast library of classic and contemporary TV episodes and movies. Netflix for Xbox One uses intuitive controls designed for gamepads and can also be explored with the best Xbox One apps controller.

Scroll through rows and rows of fantastic information, or press “Y” to search its massive and ever-changing library. A Netflix subscription can be purchased for as little as $7.99 a month, and if you have an Xbox One S or the impending Xbox One X, you’ll be able to stream in glorious 4K on a compatible TV set.

Tubi TV

If you don’t have a cable or streaming service subscription, Tubi TV is the best Xbox One apps for you. It gives you access to a plethora of free television series and movies to watch. You do not need to create an account to view content. Download the app to your Xbox One, launch it, and proceed as a guest.

The catch is that Tubi TV is funded by advertisements that appear before and during videos. If you prefer to pay up front to avoid watching a lot of advertising, you should look into Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.


Amazon is difficult to ignore. With so many various services under one roof, it is the dominant force in online commerce. It has altered how most of us purchase for goods. Amazon Prime, a free shopping service, debuted in the United States in 2005 and in Europe in 2007. However, Amazon has introduced a plethora of new features to Prime since then, transforming it into a truly must-have programme.

In some parts of the UK, for example, you can receive same-day delivery or even Prime Now delivery, which delivers a large number of things in less than two hours. There are also a slew of additional perks, including as music streaming and access to a massive library of movies and TV shows.


The best Xbox One apps is Twitch which founded in 2011, is a live video streaming network that offers practically anything you’d want to see, including cuisine, music, Q&A sessions, and – the most popular driver of traffic video games. It began as a subsidiary division of, with gaming as its primary focus.

Twitch’s popularity prompted a complete rebranding of, which was renamed Twitch Interactive in 2014. Later that year, Amazon purchased Twitch Interactive. Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and gaming community. Twitch attracts over 45 million gamers each month to broadcast, watch, and talk.


ESPN+ is one of the best Xbox One apps and its ways to watch live sports. However, some fans may see ESPN+’s choices as limited, particularly if they are interested in live professional football or basketball, both of which are completely absent from this subscription. However, ESPN+ continues to feature a wide range of sports, from UFC to Soccer.

Because you’ll find various content that’s exclusive to the platform, this streaming platform will function best for fans as a service that complements the regular ESPN network. However, it should be noted that ESPN+ does not offer many of the major programming and broadcasts found on normal ESPN.

Final Words

Those are our initial recommendations for the best Xbox One apps available today, though there are undoubtedly many more. Let us know in the comments. If you enjoy gaming, you are probably familiar with the Xbox. This gadget is pretty intriguing to use because it allows you to not only play video games but also listen to music. There are numerous best Xbox One apps, and some of the free music apps for Xbox are fantastic.

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