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How to Change Color of Captions on YouTube on Phone and PC

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How to Change Color of Captions

If you watch a lot of videos on YouTube every day, you might know how to Change Color of Captions on YouTube on Phone and PC. Not just on YouTube, but for every video on the web, subtitles were very important.

When we talk about YouTube captions, we can say that they can help you watch and understand videos in languages you don’t know. So, YouTube captions help you understand what’s going on in the videos better.

By default, YouTube video captions had a black background and white text, but you can change how they look to suit your needs. So, if you want to know how to change the color of YouTube captions, you’re in the right place.

1. Steps to Change Color of Captions on YouTube on Android

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  • Launch the YouTube app on your Android phone and tap the profile picture icon at the top.
  •  Tap on Settings.
  •  Tap on Subtitles.
  • Tap on Subtitle style. You will see various pre-built caption styles. If you like one of them, tap on it to apply.

2. Steps to Change Color of Captions on YouTube on iPhone

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  • Open your iOS device Settings app.
  • Go to General.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Under the ‘Media’ section, tap Subtitles & Captioning.
  • Tap Style to adjust display size and font style.
  • Tap Create New Style for more font styles, sizes and colours.

3. Change Color of Captions on YouTube on PC

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  • Go to video player.
  • Click settings.
  • Select Subtitles/CC.
  • Click Options to customise:
    • Font, colour, opacity and size.
    • Background colour and opacity.
    • Window colour and opacity.
    • Character edge style.

Best YouTube Alternatives

4. Dailymotion

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Dailymotion is a site where you can make a video channel, host your videos, and share them with your current audience. You can also gain a following and make money with Dailymotion by sharing the money from ads.

It’s a lot like YouTube, but it doesn’t look like the same platform because the layout and video categories are the same. This makes it easy to move on from YouTube. Also, Dailymotion has an average of 300 million unique visitors per month, which makes it one of the best alternatives to YouTube.

5. DTube

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The platform is against YouTube’s use of AI to censor content and is for free speech. Also, if you make videos on DTube that do well, you can get cryptocurrency for them. DTube looks like YouTube, but it works differently than YouTube. Unlike YouTube, where your information is collected and you don’t know what they do with it, hackers can’t get to your personal information or videos.

The ad-free platform also gives viewers cryptocurrency rewards when they like and comment on videos, and creators get paid to upload videos. Because of the reward system, there are no ads, and if you advertise your own products or services, they don’t compete with yours.

6. Spotlightr

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Spotlightr, which used to be called vooPlayer, is a video marketing platform with features like lead capture, advanced analytics, advanced security, and integration with business tools. You can run giveaways or contests that are only open to people who watch certain videos.

If you get the Pro version, you can set up pay-per-view video on demand on your site without making a membership portal. You get support for 4K videos, tools for building an audience, advanced analytics like what you get on YouTube, and an integration with marketing automation.

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