How to disable automatic app downloads

disable automatic app downloads

When you install apps from sources other than the Play Store, your phone is more likely to get viruses and malware. Sometimes, it will even disable automatic app downloads from unknown sources on its own. That’s because Google Play Store doesn’t check if an app automatically downloads other apps or installs apps without the user’s permission before putting it on the store.

But you can stop your phone from automatically downloading things. Many apps in the App Store are updated often to fix bugs and give customers a better experience. Since these updates are often important, your Mac is set to automatically download them.

How to disable automatic app downloads on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings > iTunes & App Store.
  2. Under AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS, toggle Apps to the off position.
  3. You can also optionally do this for music, as well as books and audiobooks. Simply toggle those options off as well.
  4. Turning these options off can save bandwidth and storage. For example, if you purchase a movie through the iTunes Store on your iPad for a flight, you don’t want it to download on your iPhone if your only intention is watching it during the flight.

disable automatic app downloads

  • Open your Google Play Store App
  • On the top left corner, click on the option with the 3 lines.
  • Look through the list towards the bottom where it says “Settings”. Click “Settings”.
  • Click on “App Download Preference”
  • Select the option that reads “Ask me every time” then click “Done”.
  • Click on “Auto-update apps”
  • Select the option that reads “Don’t auto-update apps”. Then select “Done”.


How do I stop apps from automatically downloading?

Uncheck the box that says Let users install apps. If users don’t check this box, they can’t use the App Store and apps bought on other devices won’t automatically download. Through the Google Device Policy app, users can still get apps that are allowed. Choose Save.

Why my phone is downloading apps automatically?

You click on ads by accident. Many apps and games for Android have banner ads at the top, bottom, or across the whole screen. If you accidentally click on one of these ads, it will either take you to the Play Store to install the app or download it to your phone automatically.

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