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SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless For Xbox 2022 are premium wireless gaming headphones. These over-ears include a wireless transmitter with customization controls, active noise cancelling (ANC), Hi-Res audio support, and swappable battery packs. They also support Bluetooth, so you can keep your smartphone and console connected at the same time. Unlike the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, these headphones are available in both PlayStation and Xbox versions. If cross-platform compatibility is important to you, the Xbox variant is more versatile because it can wirelessly connect to both consoles.

The earcups are smooth and well-built in matte black plastic, with circular gunmetal-colored metal earcups on the back. The earcups are connected by a metal headband of the same color, with plastic and rubber running along the underside for added support, and an adjustable ski goggle-style suspension strap to keep the band lifted above the scalp. The earcups can also extend and retract, which is a feature that most ski-goggle headsets lack.

Though not removable, the faux leather-covered earcups are generously padded with memory foam. Nonetheless, this is a comfortable headset that feels as good as similarly priced headphones and should be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The majority of controls and connections are located on the left earcup, including a power button, mic mute button, volume wheel, 3.5mm port for wired listening, and the pleasantly stealthy boom microphone. When not in use, it’s a plastic capsule that sits on the end of a black, flexible arm and rests flush inside a cut-out on the earcup.

Only a Bluetooth pairing button and Bluetooth/power indicator LEDs are found on the right earcup. The earcups have magnetic back panels that are easily removed. The right panel conceals the removable battery slot, which is very useful because the Nova Pro Wireless, like its predecessor, includes two batteries to eliminate downtime while charging. When you can’t access the transmitter’s battery slot, the left panel conceals a USB-C port for charging the headset on the go.

In that regard, the transmitter has been completely redesigned, with a much sleeker design and a variety of connectivity options. The black, plastic device has curved sides, transforming it from a square, blocky audio component. A monochrome OLED display sits next to the gunmetal-colored multi-purpose knob on the right side of the transmitter’s face. The previous version’s optical audio input and output are gone, but the back panel now has two USB-C ports, allowing you to connect two USB devices—such as a PC and a console—at the same time. There are also 3.5mm line-in and line-out connections.

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