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The left earcup has a microphone mute button, as well as a 3.5 mm port for a detachable boom microphone and a port for a 3.5 mm cable. The right ear cup has a power button, Bluetooth button, USB-C port for charging and a multi-function rocker that can be used to adjust volume and the mix between gaming and voice chat. The headset does not have any PC software, but is compatible with Logitech G for mobile devices. Here you can adjust sidetone, the mix of chat and gaming audio, EQ settings and firmware updates. You can choose between profiles for gaming and media, so you can save different settings for different applications. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the Logitech G Hub desktop app, but the mobile app makes sense and works well in most cases.

The headset can be connected to three sources at the same time using these connection options; being able to connect to three sources at the same time is very useful; you can chat with people on one device and play on another, or whatever you want to do. This would also be very useful for streaming, where you might want to connect to your computer to stream, connect to your console, and then connect to your phone or another computer to Discord with a friend you are playing with.

The Astro A30 is suitable for wireless gaming. The wireless dongle ensures a low-latency gaming experience, so audio and video stay in sync. However, the dongle included with the unit is console-locked to either Xbox or PlayStation. The fit, position and seal also tend to cause inconsistencies in audio delivery. In particular, people with dark hair or wearing glasses will notice a drop in bass. On the other hand, it is comfortable for long gaming sessions and has excellent battery performance.

The Astro A30 is an excellent wired gaming headphone. With the included AUX cable, they are audio and mix compatible with all types of gaming consoles. They have a sound profile comfortable enough for long gaming sessions and exciting enough to emphasise sound effects and help maintain detailed dialogue. However, dental sounds such as S and T sounds can be piercing. The boom mic performs reasonably well, but your voice sounds thin in team chat.

A Plague Tale: PS5 has its own audio profile for rat squeaks, the creaking of trees, Amicia’s heavy, panicked breathing and the sound of her sling were all excellent.Rainbow Six: A30 has a great balance between communication and game audio. It was a lot of fun. (The boom mics are rich and clear.) There was never a time when my voice didn’t carry over to my teammates, nor did the detailed audio cues make it impossible to predict enemy positions and movements.

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