Crazy Offer! Redragon M908 Impact is just $32.89 at Amazon

The Redragon M908 is an excellent gaming mouse, particularly suited to MMOs, thanks to its many programmable buttons and excellent overall performance. The latency when connected to a wired connection is very low, and most gamers will not notice any delay, even in fast-paced games. Although this mouse is quite large and tall, its short body makes it suitable for holding in the palm or claw of the hand. Small hands may find it too big to use, while larger hands may find it difficult to get past the two main click buttons due to the short body. This mouse is a good option for low-budget MMO players looking for a wider mouse.

It comes in a plastic box and is opened with a clasp on the side of the box, a unique and outdated opening experience. Modern boxes require the product to be removed from the outer layer, but I still prefer it as it gives a premium opening, as opposed to a plastic box with a clamp. For example, the box could have used a little more detail and an overall premium design.

This mouse uses braided USB 3.0 wires for connection and has no other options – USB 3.0 is much faster than USB 2.0, offering users lower response times and higher data transfer rates. This gaming mouse uses a near-standard RGB lighting system, but is very well designed in terms of RGB as all the lights are positioned almost perfectly.

The M908 Impact Gaming Mouse is actually quite above average when it comes to mouse use and ergonomic comfort. The unique design, curves and the fact that this mouse is only aimed at right-handed users makes it a pretty comfortable gaming device. In fact, it is one of the more comfortable MMO large mice compared to those in this price range. It can even offer a better grip than the Razer Naga. Due to its right finger support, it had more grip on the right side of the mouse.

In conclusion for the Redragon m908 Impact, this mouse is definitely a good option, especially if you are looking for a more affordable mouse with multiple button options. The only downside is that the buttons squeak, which is a bit annoying. Overall, this mouse is a good choice for those who play MMORPG-style games and need quick access to some special commands.

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