Crazy Offer! SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1P in just $53.99 at Amazon

The Arctis Nova 1 continues SteelSeries’ strong commitment to comfortable gaming headsets. The elastic headband and comfortable earpads ensure comfort even during long gaming sessions. The ear cups and outer headband are made primarily of plastic, contributing to weight savings. The ear cups rotate to fit my head and the padding is made of AirWeave memory foam for added comfort and premium feel.

The headset is tight enough to keep it from sliding around my head, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. It appears to be an appropriate size for users of various builds. In addition, the headset is designed in a fairly unobtrusive aesthetic that is more than adequate for use at home or on the go. The microphone is designed to be retractable, fitting snugly into the left ear cup, making it easy to use at any time, but never getting in the way.

The minimal controls are located on the left ear cup of the Arctis Nova 1. There is a stepless volume wheel that can be used to change the volume of the headset, but it does not control any connected devices. There is also a microphone mute button that can be easily pressed. The simplicity makes it easy to know which buttons do what.

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1 is a wired gaming headphone designed with PCs in mind, and it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for the least expensive and most wallet-friendly addition to the Arctis Nova lineup. from SteelSeries Arctis 1 A step up, with improved build quality and comfort considerations, but offering slight performance gains overall; available for PlayStation and Xbox, the differences between these models are mostly cosmetic, as only the PC version comes with a Y-splitter.

It uses a 1/8″ TRRS cable, so any game console with this jack can be connected. It is equipped with a boom microphone, which catches voice clearly even in somewhat noisy environments. Because they are closed-back, they do not offer much immersion in the soundstage, and they are prone to variations in audio transmission, so you may need to readjust the fit each time you use them to get a more consistent sound.

Aside from great sound quality, the highlight of SteelSeries Arctis headsets has always been the excellent level of comfort – and the Arctis Nova 1 is no exception. employing what SteelSeries calls the ComfortMAX system, the Arctis Nova 1 includes soft, breathable AirWeave memory foam ear cushions. Even those who wear glasses can rest assured that their heads will not be compressed. The headset is height adjustable for your perfect fit. In addition, the ear cups can now rotate and lay flat when not in use.

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