Deal! Logitech G PRO Keyboard in just $84.99 at Amazon

The Logitech G PRO keyboard is an excellent gaming keyboard. It features proprietary GX blue switches that are very clicky and feel a little heavier than most mechanical switches due to the bump before the actuation point. Having said that, typing still feels light enough to not cause fatigue over time, and it feels extremely responsive due to the low latency and short pre-travel distance of the switches. It also has full RGB backlighting and is very well-made.

The G Pro appears to be what would happen if Logitech took one of its sleek Orion keyboards and simply cut off the numpad with a high-tech paper cutter. It has a full set of keys (except for the numpad), as well as a key that controls the lighting and another that activates the Game Mode. If you’re not familiar with Game Mode, it prevents you from accidentally closing your game by pressing keys like Alt-Tab or the Windows button.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about the keyboard’s appearance. It’s compact (14.2 x 6.0 x 1.4 inches), attractive, and well-designed. You can use the Fn key and the top row of Function buttons instead of discrete media controls. Gamers who have used other recent Logitech keyboards will be familiar with the G Pro. The keyboard employs the company’s well-known Romer-G mechanical switches. If you’ve never tried them, they feel similar to Cherry MX Browns: tactile and relatively quiet. While Cherries are the gold standard, Romer-Gs are said to be slightly faster, more responsive, and more durable, so you couldn’t do much worse. They’re quite comfortable on their own terms.

The Logitech G Pro is powered by Logitech Gaming Software, which is, as usual, excellent. You can program the F1 through F12 keys, change the backlighting, and track your stats. Given that tournament players are typically not permitted to program keys or run proprietary software, there is only one feature worth mentioning here. The G Pro keyboard has one onboard profile, similar to the ones found in Logitech mice. This profile saves one lighting profile, so you can connect the keyboard to any computer and have it remember any key colors you program.

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