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The Redragon M913 Impact Elite is an excellent wireless MMO gaming mouse; it is shaped for right-handed users with a 12-button panel, thumb rest, ring rest, and pinky rest, and feels solidly built. It can be wired with a cable or connected wirelessly with a USB receiver, and features a wide CPI range, adjustable in 100 increments, and a very short lift-off distance. The included software allows the user to change the sensor, lighting, and button mappings, as well as configure five CPI settings and two profiles. Unfortunately, the software is only compatible with Windows. It is a very heavy mouse, with high click latency and little CPI variation, but the sensor is inaccurate and falls well below the set CPI with fast or slow cursor movements.

The build is solid, with a right-handed shape suitable for medium to large hands using palm or claw grips; the CPI range is wide, with CPI adjustable in 100 increments, and the lift-off distance is very small. However, click latency is high for a gaming mouse, and the sensor is inaccurate, falling well below the set CPI when moving the cursor fast or slow. The mouse comes with customization software that allows you to customize all buttons (except the two DPI adjustment buttons); any of the five DPI slots can be set from 100 to 16,000, and the mouse’s DPI can be set to any of the five DPI slots. You can also adjust the scroll speed of the scroll wheel.

Perhaps most important for MMO players, however, is the complete macro editor. Furthermore, it is nice to have the option to keep the macro going for as long as a button is held down or until another button is pressed a certain number of times.

Ultimately, however, it’s the play that counts. Playing Final Fantasy XIV with this mouse, I could clearly feel the flair that this mouse was made for MMO gameplay. This was the first peripheral that gave me this kind of sensation. There are many options for programming this mouse, which was a bit confusing, but it added to the fun of gaming.

This feature is also useful for professionals who make full use of macros. With this mouse, you can execute commands with the press of a button, saving you from having to press the keyboard many times throughout the day. With a solid build, several features, and RGB lighting, this is truly a premium mouse. Its beauty, however, is not worth the premium price.

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