Hurry! Redragon K617 Fizz in just $44.99 at Amazon

Redragon may be a gaming company, but when it comes to making budget keyboards with a mechanical feel, they are right up their street.The Redragon K617 Fizz is a 60% mechanical with fun features such as RGB lighting and a compact size. keyboard, the Redragon K617 Fizz is a 60% keyboard that offers an interesting design and mechanical experience. You get features like hot-swappable PCBs and RGB lighting.

While it doesn’t have the features you’d expect to find on a high-end keyboard, such as Bluetooth or an aluminium case, the K617 beats other keyboards in terms of lighting and the quality of the keyboard’s sound. Unfortunately, there are no switch options and features such as hot-swapping are not well executed. If you want an interesting design, compact footprint and mechanical feel, the K617 Fizz is a solid option to consider.The Redragon K617 comes in pink and white or a mix of white and grey and offers all-plastic construction. The board is on the lighter side, weighing approximately 0.43Kg (0.95lb). The small footprint and light weight of the K617 makes it a very portable keyboard if you want to take the board with you.

The Redragon K617 Fizz is constructed with a plastic body and frame, which makes it sturdy. There is some deflection under pressure, but this is not a major issue.The Fizz has a USB Type C connection. The wires are long enough and flexible enough that if you decide to carry this around in your bag, it won’t break easily. The wires are also removable and customisable. The placement of the function layer and secondary keys takes some getting used to, and MMO, RTS and MOBA players may not be suited to this keyboard unless they can customise the hotkeys using the Redragon software or in-game options.

The Redragon K617 Fizz Gaming Keyboard is a good inexpensive gaming keyboard. The keycaps come in a variety of colours. The quality of the keycaps is sturdy. It is hot-swappable, which is good to have the option, even if its hot-swappability is limited. There are positive and negative aspects. This keyboard saves a lot of space, but some people may find that the keys are placed too close to each other. Also, some users may not like the feel of the keys, but all keys can be replaced with keyswitches of their choice.

The Redragon K617 FIZZ is Redragon’s latest model, a wired 60 mechanical gaming keyboard for those who are gamers on a budget. It has RGB LEDs, red mechanical switches and the switches are twilight hot-swappable. All this for just a little over $ 30. This keyboard makes its way well into a stylish mechanical gaming keyboard.

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