Roku Ultra 2022 in just $93.99 at Amazon

The Roku Ultra is a streaming device that connects to your TV via a hard cable. The little box uses Wi-Fi, allowing you to watch movies and TV shows from your favorite streaming channels, including Netflix and Hulu, or listen to music and podcasts from providers like Spotify. The Roku Ultra connects via an HDMI cable and is easy to set up.

Once you’re ready to go, you can watch videos in HD, 4K, or 4K HDR. This device also comes with an impressive remote control that comes with a lost remote control finder, hands-free control, Bluetooth technology for private listening, and preset buttons for quicker access to the most popular streaming channels.

The Roku Ultra measures 1 inch x 4.9 inches x 5 inches. It has four ports on one side for the following: Ethernet port, HDMI port, USB 3.0 port, and the included proprietary DC power adapter. The Roku Ultra comes with an HDMI cable and a remote control with a mini-jack for headphones. It uses 802.11ac dual-band MIMO wireless for a fast, clean connection with up to 50 percent more range, but will also work with 802.11n if that’s the best your router can do. Or you can connect to your router using the Ethernet port. The Roku Ultra comes with AirPlay support, which makes it easy to cast your iOS device to the Roku Ultra. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Hey Google.

You can also use Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music, podcasts, and other media through your TV by connecting a compatible device. You can also listen in private by connecting a pair of wireless headphones to your Roku via Bluetooth. The USB port, which is a Fast 3.0 connection, can be used for external storage or access to other media. The Roku Ultra remote has improved significantly over time. In addition to performing searches, you can use your voice to control the device and TV, as well as control a smart speaker connected to the Roku Ultra.

You can also say “Hey Roku” from anywhere in the room to turn your TV on or off, stream a specific show, search for a show, and more. Access to titles is great, especially with Dolby Vision. You can find all the popular streaming sources in the Roku Channel Store. The Roku Channel is also full of titles like a rotating lineup of movies, many TV series, kids shows, news, sports and weather, and live TV. Live streaming even includes titles from lesser known specialty sources like Newsy, NewsmaxTV and PeopleTV. As you select tracks, the channel learns what you like, prioritizing similar tracks and bringing them to the top of the menu.

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