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The Razer Kiyo attempts to solve a long-standing problem with webcams: low-light video with a built-in ring light. It’s a good try, but Razer’s second attempt at a webcam reveals that on-camera lights are not the answer: the $199.99 Razer Kiyo Pro is twice the price of the Kiyo and has no built-in light at all, but it is a far superior webcam for the money. With a better low-light sensor, powerful auto-exposure and high-quality noise reduction, it can clearly capture faces even when just illuminated by the monitor, and the microphone is a vast improvement over the Kiyo’s muffled microphone. Although expensive for a webcam, it has earned an Editors’ Choice badge for its excellent all-round performance.

The camera is mounted on a versatile monitor clip with long, just-right stiff hinged jaws to hold it securely to the back of any monitor or laptop. At the connection between the camera body and the clip is a small hinge with a pivot joint that allows the camera to be freely tilted up and down and rotated left or right, while remaining stable on the screen. The horizontal angle of the camera can be fixed by tightening the thumbscrews underneath the hinge. When folded, the clip has a tripod screw mount on the underside.

The autofocus on the Kiyo Pro is a nice feature, but we found that it tends to search quite often, rather than locking onto the target and keeping the face in focus. It also tended to focus on the wall behind us, which was out of focus and frustrating. However, this is not a critical problem as it is quickly corrected by moving the camera slightly. Autofocus can be turned off at any time in the Synapse application, which is used to configure Razer’s various gaming and streaming accessories.

However, it should be noted that the current version of Synapse for Mac is a generation behind its PC equivalent and does not yet work with the Kiyo Pro. Mac users can adjust settings in the video conferencing app or via a You will need to configure the settings via a third-party app. The Kiyo Pro feels like a much-needed maturation to the original Kiyo webcam, which was often a novelty in design, and the Kiyo Pro is happy to address a common problem with many webcams – poor-looking lighting environments. Some may be disappointed by the lack of a ring light, but I don’t think it detracts from the overall improvement in image quality.

However, at USD 200, the Kiyopro is one of the more expensive non-4K webcams. With enough adjustments, you can get the most out of this webcam, but it is not a natural for every situation and the autofocus issue is a real pain. The autofocusing problem can be a real problem for some users, but it can also be a problem for others, such as those using au, SoftBank or SoftBank Mobile. Softbank Mobile”, you will have selected one of the following.

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