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How to block emails in Outlook

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How to block emails in Outlook

This article will show you how to block emails in Outlook. We’ve all gotten emails we didn’t want at some point. Sometimes the “Unsubscribe” button isn’t enough to stop spam, whether it’s from a store you went to once and got put on a mailing list or from someone you know. If your email client is Microsoft Outlook, you’re in luck. You can block emails from senders that you don’t want to hear from in Outlook.

The best part is that blocking a sender only takes a few clicks. Do you ever feel like the spam, junk mail, and annoying newsletters in your inbox will never end? It’s like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole in the digital world, because every time you delete an email, two more appear in its place. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get back in charge of your inbox and finally get rid of all those unwanted emails. Yes, it is time to block those emails in Outlook!

No more emails from your ex, no more junk mail from that Nigerian prince, and no more “limited-time offer” sales pitches. By blocking certain senders, you can be sure that only the important emails will get to your inbox. Here’s how to stop spam email in Outlook. If you want to know more information about this Visit Official Microsoft Outlook Support site.

1. How to block emails in Outlook on Windows

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Many business workers depend on being able to use Outlook on a PC. Using Outlook on a Windows PC, it’s easy to block email addresses you don’t know.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your Windows PC.
  2. Select an email from the sender you want to block.
  3. Right-click on the email, and a context menu will appear.
  4. From the context menu, chooseJunk” and then selectBlock Sender.”Note: If you want to block multiple senders, you can select multiple emails while holding down the Ctrl key and then right-click to access the context menu.
  5. Outlook will prompt you with a confirmation dialog asking if you want to permanently delete all existing and future messages from the blocked sender. ClickOK” to confirm.

From this point onwards, all emails from the blocked sender will be automatically moved to the Junk Email folder or deleted, depending on your Outlook settings. You can review and modify the blocked senders list by following these steps how to Block Unwanted Emails in Outlook:

  1. Go to the “Home” tab in the Outlook ribbon.
  2. Locate the “Delete” group and click on the drop-down arrow under the “Junk” button.
  3. SelectJunk E-mail Options” from the options that appear.
  4. In the “Junk E-mail Options” dialog box, navigate to the “Blocked Senders” tab.
  5. Here, you can add or remove email addresses from the blocked senders list as needed.
  6. ClickOK” to save your changes.

2. How to block emails in Outlook on Mac

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Outlook on a Mac is used by many professionals for office work because it is fast, easy to use, and not too complicated. If you’re getting emails from addresses you don’t know, it’s easy steps how to block a sender in Outlook.

  1. Start “Outlook” on your Mac.
  2. Go to “Inbox.”
  3. Choose the spam message you want to block the sender of.
  4. On the “Menu Bar,” choose “Message.”
  5. Just click “Junk.”
  6. Pick “Block.”

3. How to block emails in Outlook on Android

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Using the Outlook app on an Android device to manage your emails is a portable blessing that goes a long way. On an Android device, you can’t directly block an email address in Outlook. But if you have a desktop, you can get around this problem.

  1. Open the Outlook app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the email you want to block the sender of to open it.
  3. Tap the three-dot menu icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Select “Block” from the menu options that appear.
  5. A confirmation message will pop up asking if you want to block the sender. Tap “Block” to confirm.

4. How to block emails in Outlook on iPhone

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Many professionals like to use their iPhones to check their Outlook accounts when they are out and about. You can still get spam emails on your mobile Outlook account, and it’s not as easy to block unwanted email addresses on an iPhone as it is on a Mac. Follow these steps to block emails from senders you don’t know:

  1. Open your iPhone’s “Mail” app.
  2. Choose the sender’s name.
  3. Tap “From” next to the name of the sender.
  4. Just click “Block this Contact.”
  5. Again, confirm by clicking “Block this Contact.”


Does Outlook block sender work?

The blocked person can still send you mail, but anything from his or her email address goes straight to your Junk Email folder. The next time this sender sends you a message, it will go to your Junk Email folder or End-User Quarantine, if your administrator has set it up that way.

Why do I still get emails after blocking them?

When you block someone, you stop getting their emails. If you have blocked a sender but still get emails from them, the sender may be: Changing their email address. Set up a rule in your Inbox to move emails with common words to the Deleted Items folder.

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