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How to change kindle device name

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How to change kindle device name

Today, this article will show you how to change kindle device name. Over time, Amazon has a record of where and when its apps were installed. The list of devices that the app is compatible with may be lengthy if you use Kindle frequently and across several operating systems. A new Kindle electronic reader is automatically given a name depending on the person who purchased it when you buy one.

The user’s first name is typically used as the default name, followed by the type of device. For most individuals, this isn’t a problem, but if you’ve bought a few Kindle devices for yourself over the years or have many Kindle devices for your family, it may be. Through your Amazon account or the Kindle mobile app, you can manage it by renaming and deleting Kindle devices. Here is a short tutorial that shows you how to change kindle name.

1. How to change kindle device name

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  1. Turn on your Kindle device: Press the power button to turn on your Kindle.
  2. Go to the home screen: Ensure you are on the home screen, where you can see the list of books and options.
  3. Tap on the menu: On the top right corner of the screen, tap on the menu icon (it looks like three horizontal lines or three dots, depending on your Kindle model).
  4. Select “Settings”: From the menu options that appear, choose “Settings” or “Device Options” (the specific wording may vary depending on your Kindle model).
  5. Access the device settings: Within the settings menu, you may need to scroll down to find the option for “Device Options” or “Device Settings.” Tap on it to proceed.
  6. Select “Device Name”: Look for the option labeled “Device Name” or “Edit Device Name” and tap on it.
  7. Enter a new name: You’ll now see a text field where you can enter a new name for your Kindle device. Use the on-screen keyboard or physical keyboard (depending on your Kindle model) to type the desired name.
  8. Save the new name: After entering the new name, select “Save,” “OK,” or a similar option to confirm and save the changes.
  9. Restart your Kindle: To ensure the changes take effect, you can restart your Kindle device by holding down the power button for a few seconds and selecting the “Restart” option when it appears.

2. Why Rename or Remove Kindle Devices?

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There are valid reasons for controlling the list, but leaving it alone is not a major deal. First off, having a variety of ambiguously titled devices makes it difficult to choose a Kindle reader when purchasing an ebook from the Amazon store.

You’ll prevent sending your purchase inadvertently to an outdated gadget that you no longer possess in addition to making the process more straightforward. The same advantages apply when removing a Kindle device from the list, but it’s also a good idea when gifting a used phone or tablet to someone else. They can then add the gadget to their own Amazon list and stop receiving books that are intended for you.

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