How To Download Youtube Videos Without Using Any Software

All we know that Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing website, it is the site where you can see all kind of videos. Youtube is a collection of the music, movies, sports videos, documentaries, tutorials, etc. You can find out in a web that there are the various method of downloading videos from youtube to your computer disk. A lot of time while browsing YouTube you want an offline video download, to your computer or mobile device without a software.

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Now days, downloading YouTube videos for watching them without Internet connection is possible only if in case you have YouTube Red subscription, that has the same (or even more) functions and that’s totally free to download. That is finally the solution on how to access YouTube content offline. I am going to tell you one of the simplest ways for downloading youtube videos without any help of any software. These some steps will help you to download youtube videos simply without using any software.

Step to Download Youtube Videos Without Using Any Software

Step 1. First of all, Go to the and Open the page of the video you want to download.

Step 2. Now, Add “ss” between the www. and the section of the URL and hit enter.


Original YouTube URL:

Modified YouTube URL:

Step 3. This will redirect your browser to another website

Step 4. Finally, this opens a new page that has different formats of the video that you want to download like, mp4, 3gp, Flv and others. Select your preferred format.

Step 5. And your download will start in your downloader.

Step 6. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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