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How To Fix Google Play Error 505 and 927

Fix Google Play Error 505 and 927

How to Fix Google Play Error 505 and 927 – Google Play Store is the largest app retailer for Android apps and games which act as a giant hotspot for all of the Android users. Few minutes of browsing apps in the Google Play Store would depart you need to search for more and more apps.

Many Android users frequently complain about getting many weird errors whereas making an attempt to install apps from Google Play Store. The reasons for those errors are numerous, and Google mapped unique codes to those errors for easy reporting and fixing these problems. I can provide some methods to fix google play store errors on Android devices.

Why does this error happen?

These errors are detected on Android Lollipop and Marshmallow variations. These often appear when users try to update or install an app from Play Store. However, they don’t look in every update or install however usually with Air based apps. So probably, Android 5. Don’t support such apps. Unusual of these apps are WatchESPN, Snagfilms, Politifact, etc. Apart from these, if you try to install an outdated version of the app then these errors might surface, and even due to cache battle or data crash of the app or because your Google account isn’t correctly synced.

Steps to Fix Google Play Error 505 and 927

Method 1: Clear Google Play Data and Cache

Step 1. Open your device Settings.

Step 2. Now watch for Apps/Applications in the Settings menu and tap it.

Step 3. Now scroll down to the Google Play Store app and tap it.

Step 4. On the App information page, tap the Clear cache, then Force stops after which Disable buttons. Wherever you see the Uninstall updates option, let it uninstall after which and restart the app. Reboot your device and check if the error has gone.

Step 5. If the issue persists, open Settings> Apps> All> Google Play Store again and tap Clear data option. Reboot the phone and try again.

Method 2: Restart your device

You may start by restarting your device. That could help you get relieved of 505 and 927 errors. If it doesn’t, continue to the next method.

Method 3: Factory Reset your device

After trying out all these options, if error messages persist it is best to continue to reset your device. Simply follow these steps to factory reset your Android phone.

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Tap on Back & reset option.

Step 3. Now tap on Factory data reset.

Step 4.  After that, Confirm your password or other security you have set.

Your Android will be reset now. This process will take away all the data and apps you may have on your device. To be able to Protect your data, you can make a backup of it before deleting something.

That’s it! Now, you’re done.

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