How To Clean an iPhone

How To Clean an iPhone

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The How To Clean an iPhone

Most of us touch our iPhones constantly throughout the day, which means the iPhone can be a magnet for germs, dirt, and fingerprints. It’s a good idea to regularly clean your iPhone, especially during flu season and now the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

On a microbial level, your iPhone screen is probably dirtier than most toilet seats. Which is gross, sure, but most microbes aren’t after you, so don’t worry too much about what you can’t see. And your iPhone is resistant to most oils, so you don’t have to worry about smearing it. up so much so that it stops working. But once the dirt, smudges and smudges start to blur the screen and slow down the iPhone, it’s time to clean the screen.

How to clean your iPhone

Take it out of the case

I know, I know, your “ironic” Hello Kitty affair is your pride and joy, but it’s probably just as filthy as yours. phone, if not more. The first step in any deep cleaning is to remove your iPhone from its case. If you have something more involved than a sliding case, like an Otterbox Defender, check the official website to review. how to remove it. trying to force your phone out like an oyster out of a shell will only result in your case, your iPhone, or both breaking.

If you have a freebie or something similar, there is unfortunately no way to remove it without destroying it. A light cleaning will be fine (I often touch my iPhone wrapped in toast with wet hands and I don’t see a problem), but if you’re being especially cautious, you might need to switch to a standard case until things run out.

If you have a screensaver installed, I would reconsider that too. The gap between the glass and your iPhone screen is prime territory for germs to hide. And until Otterbox releases its new Amplify Glass protectors next month, there isn’t a good all-glass antimicrobial option on the market.

clean it

Before disinfecting, take a pack of microfiber cloths and wipe the surface of your iPhone. Do not use paper towels. They are very abrasive. Also don’t use toilet paper. Aside from leaving tons of lint behind, a jumbo pack of TP is currently worth more than an iPhone Pro Max on eBay.

When you clean it, make sure your iPhone is not plugged in, dirt will accumulate around the charging cable. And make sure the cloth is dry. Even if your iPhone is waterproof, adding liquid to your iPhone’s surface will almost certainly cause you to push anything that floats off the surface into deep crevices like the charging port or speaker screen. . Above all – do not use compressed air! Compressed air will just push everything else into the cracks. And we definitely don’t need it.

Clean it up (but make it cleaner)

Now you can grab a cleaner and go to town on your iPhone. But don’t get Lysol (or any aerosol-based cleanser). The same goes for bleach or any type of abrasive cleaner. You might think that bathroom tile cleaner does an amazing job of disinfecting the bathroom. And you would be right! But if you spray it on your iPhone, you will destroy the surface coatings and end up up with a device completely destroyed.

Instead, use an Apple-recommended pack of 70% isopropyl alcohol or Clorox disinfectant wipes (if you can find them). Use this to clean your iPhone and its case (but only if it’s hard plastic). Try not to let your device get too wet and definitely don’t rub around openings where you could introduce lint or moisture buildup.

throw away your case

OK, so maybe you don’t need to throw your case away, but if it’s more than a month or two old, chances are it has developed some cracks and wear. And that’s prime territory for nasty bugs to hide from disinfectant wipes (which is what you’ll use to clean your case too).

If you have a leather or fabric case, don’t use alcohol-based wipes, they will just destroy the surface. Apple recommends using clean water and a mild soap to gently wipe the surface before drying with a microfiber cloth. Even so, they say you’re likely to end up discoloring the surface.

Something to consider is that most coronaviruses like COVID-19 don’t survive more than a few weeks on a hard surface. So if you’re really worried that your case might be harboring more than just the standard grime of everyday use, take it out, clean it, and set it aside until things have passed.

In the meantime, slap a hard plastic case that can withstand up to disinfect wipes. If you need more than just basic protection, Otterbox Defender cases have a microbial agent built into the plastic that defends against many common germs. Between that and regular cleaning, you can protect your phone without having to worry about spreading germs.

repeat often

Just like you’re washing your hands whenever you come home (or should), you need to clean your iPhone regularly.

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