How to cut a SIM card & make a nano-SIM for iPhone

All trendy iPhones and iPads now use nano SIM playing cards. Unfortunately, this may be a downside for anybody shifting from an older system because the nano SIM card is way smaller than the micro SIM playing cards and common SIM playing cards used previously.

The nano SIM card makes use of the identical know-how as its bigger counterparts, the 1 actual distinction being the quantity of plastic surrounding the chip. While most individuals can name their provider and request a new nano SIM card for their new phone, there’s a a lot quicker approach: downsize the SIM card itself.

In this tutorial, we’ll present you how to shrink a SIM card (or micro SIM card) and switch it into a nano SIM card for your iPhone or iPad.

Warnings earlier than you begin

Keep in thoughts that you simply cut your SIM card at your individual threat.

We lowered the SIM playing cards a few occasions and it labored in all however, 2. Those will not be actually nice alternatives. And 1 copy was a little bit of a headache because the SIM card may not be used in any respect (not even within the authentic phone).

Keep in thoughts that there are all the time dangers related to residence modifications and that you’ll not cut your SIM card until you might be glad that it’s not working (on this case it is best to get a substitute out of your provider or purchase a new 1). Proceed at your individual threat.

If you are involved about the dangers, take into account the advantages of a multi-SIM card, which we’ll talk about later on this article.

What you want

To cut back your SIM card to a nano SIM card dimension, you want the next tools:

  • Standard or micro SIM card
  • Nano SIM card (for measurements)
  • Pencil
  • SIM eject device (or paper clip)
  • Small straight scissors
  • Nail file

Once you may have all of those at hand, it is time to get began.

Remove the nano SIM card

Use the SIM card ejector (or a straightened paper clip) to open the SIM card slot in your iPhone or iPad.

Inside you could find a inventory nano SIM card. You want this. If you do not have a nano SIM card in your iPhone, it is best to borrow 1 from a friend to make it easier to make your SIM card larger.

Normal SIM card versus nano SIM card

Here we see a common SIM card (proper) in contrast to a nano SIM card (left):

It appears a lot smaller and the entire nano sim card suits into the metallic on the common sim card. Because of this, you could suppose that the SIM playing cards use a completely different know-how. But they do not: the nano SIM card is identical sort of SIM card because the common SIM card, solely the surplus is cut off. Most of that surplus is map, however, half is silicon.

Recognize tips for SIM playing cards

You may even see some reviews online suggesting that you simply measure the SIM card with a ruler. This used to work with the outdated micro SIM playing cards, nevertheless it does not work when creating a new nano SIM card. For this you want to place a nano SIM card over the metallic of the outdated SIM card and align it with the attention.

Some SIM playing cards conveniently have a mark on the metallic of the SIM card. These make it easier to align the nano SIM card to the common SIM card and give you a space to cut out.

How to measure your SIM card

Place the nano SIM card on high of the common SIM card with the slicing nook on each SIM playing cards within the high proper nook (as proven within the image). Use the guides to align the metallic of the SIM card in the identical central place in your SIM card. Make positive to align the middle metallic a part of the SIM card and never the encircling plastic. Different SIM playing cards have completely different sizes of metallic versus card; it is best to strive to align the central a part of the metallic in your full dimension sim card.

With the nano SIM card aligned in opposition to the common SIM card, draw across the nano SIM card (and on the common SIM card) with a sharp pencil. This will create a guideline for you to cut round. Don’t fear about nook marking, simply listen to precisely marking the edges of the nano SIM.

Cut your SIM card

Be watchful. It is best to trim your SIM card little by little and go additional slowly than chopping off an excessive amount of. You can use a file to file alongside the sides. We often begin with the highest piece of card and the edges earlier than rigorously slicing the underside (you may as well simply file on the backside).

We use small nail scissors to cut by the SIM card. It is often simply as simple to cut by the metallic of the SIM card because the plastic card round it. You can even use common scissors, however, the smaller pair gives more accuracy. If you use nail scissors, make positive to use a straight pair, not 1 with a slight curvature.

Better to trim it a little massive and squeeze it, quite than cut too many and it wobbles within the SIM card slot. Cut the nook manually.

Measure within the nano SIM tray

Now place the cut up SIM card on the nano SIM card holder of the iPhone or iPad. It should be too massive to match within the nano SIM tray. This is a good factor. Now you want to shorten the SIM card little by little till it suits correctly within the tray. Slide the nano SIM card into the system.

It must be. Turn on the iPhone or iPad and iOS ought to say “Search” within the high left nook, adopted by the title of your service supplier.

Multiple SIM playing cards

If all that sounds a bit disturbing, it may be attention-grabbing to hear that there may be a better approach than slicing the SIM card your self.

Recently, many main UK suppliers have abolished conventional SIM playing cards of various sizes and as an alternative changed them with a single SIM card that can be utilized on any system. The new ‘multi SIM card’ gives customers a customary SIM card, in addition to a micro SIM card and a nano SIM card nestled in it – similar to conventional Russian dolls.

This picture ought to provide you with an thought of ​​what we imply:

Using a multi-SIM card has benefits, besides that you simply even have to cut your SIM card your self. If you ever have a scenario the place you might be utilizing a nano sim card and want to swap to a phone that requires a micro sim card, simply insert the nano sim card into the micro sim body to use it. Simple proper?

(Mind you, notice that you possibly can all the time try this buy a SIM adapter kit to fight the issue when it arises: they price little or no. You can get it within the UK this TechRise model for lower than £ 6 or this Ciscle model for lower than £ 4; within the US an Aerb kit for $ 4.99.)

Today, each main UK supplier gives multi-SIM, all you want to do is name your supplier (when you have a contract) and ask them to ship you a substitute multi-SIM (or no matter it’s in your community) is known as) . You will seemingly be without a SIM card for 1 or 2 days whereas 1 is delivery, and a few carriers might cost you a small quantity, however, we predict it is price it in the long term.