How To Download Subtitles For Any Video On Mac

Update - 2020.04.12

Download Subtitles For Any Video On Mac – It may have happened to you more than one time; You may download movie or series from Netflix or the web. After downloading the file, it’s in a language; you can’t understand. So, you are looking for subtitles on the internet but, this task requires more time and attention than you thought. And sometimes, after all, you may not even find the exact subtitle for the file you have.

There are websites like OpenSubtitles that have been providing subtitles for years but, they can be tricky to use. Fortunately, there are more and more ways to download the subtitles of a video without having to do anything. Just download these programs, and they will do the work for you. In this article, we’ll show you a free and easy to use app which you can use it for find subtitles of any movie or series.

Download Subtitles For Any video On Mac Using Caption App

From day to day Mac getting new programs making things easier. For this task, we are going to use an app called Caption. It is undoubtedly the app to find subtitles more pleasing to the eye and integrates perfectly in macOS. In fact, its appearance remembers much that had Spotlight.

With this app, you can search for subtitles in Caption in two different ways. Write directly the name of the series or movie that we are looking for or drag the file to the Caption window. In the latter case, the app will search for the exact subtitles for that file.

Step: 1 At first Download the Caption app on your Mac, Once you are done, install it and run a caption app on your Mac.

Step: 2 You can start to search the subtitle by entering the movie or series name on the search box or Directly drag the video file into the caption app’s interface.

Step: 3 Once you’ve found the subtitles you want, you just have to click double, and the video will play with the subtitles already included.

The app itself will rename the subtitle with the file name. In this way, the video player that you use will recognize them automatically without having to load them apart. Caption supports multiple languages but is currently only available in MacOS. At least its creator promises that it will also reach other platforms; To do this, you first have to develop a cross-platform solution for the app to work on other systems. In addition, the Caption code is open-source app.

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