How to fix no sound on an iPhone

If you have got issues with it Apple Music not taking part in, silent podcasts or every other absence of audio on your iPhone, then 1 thing is clearly flawed. Here are a couple of totally different strategies to fix an iPhone that doesn’t make a sound earlier than reserving an appointment on the Genius bar.

Check the mute swap

On the highest left facet of your iPhone is the {hardware} swap that you simply use to flip sound on and off. You know that the iPhone is in silent mode for those who can see a small piece of orange above the button.

This can usually be unintentionally turned on whereas taking the iPhone out of a pocket or in a bag. See if that’s the case. If so, slide it again and your sounds ought to return instantly.

See if the Do Not Disturb setting is turned on

Another widespread motive for a sudden halt to the sound is when the Do Not Disturb setting is unintentionally turned on or left after a gathering ends.

To find out if so, go to Settings> Do Not Disturb and check if any of the sliders are turned on. Should you find 1, disable it and see if that makes a distinction.

To learn more about this function, read our Turn off Do Not Disturb While Driving guide.

Check the amount

Just because the mute swap might be unintentionally turned on, the identical goes for the amount. If you retain your iPhone in your pocket, leaning or sitting in sure positions may cause the amount buttons to be pressed, which in flip makes the machine silent.

Press the amount button on the facet of your iPhone or slide up from the underside of the display screen to open the Control Center and use the amount management icon.

Turn off Bluetooth

1 chance for a scarcity of sound is that your iPhone might be related to 1 other speaker by way of Bluetooth. This signifies that all music or different sounds are despatched to that machine as a substitute of taking part in on your phone.

To fix this, open Control Center or Settings and switch off Bluetooth.

Do you hear sound by way of headphones?

If the inner speaker on your iPhone isn’t producing sound, strive plugging in headphones to see if that works as a substitute.

Now for those who hear audio, it might imply that the phone speaker is defective or the headphone jack is someway making contact. Give the port a mild clear, make sure that to take away any lint on the within and see if that helps.

Use the IT Crowd methodology

If all else fails, strive turning it off and on once more. This might sound easy, however, in lots of circumstances with digital units it’s usually a fast means to resolve an issue.

If none of the following tips convey the music again to life, it is perhaps time to make an appointment with Apple Support. But at the least you will not be ashamed if the technician instantly turns off the mute swap and returns the iPhone to you.