How to hide windows so you can see the Desktop on a Mac

Are you submitting issues to your desktop? If you do, you will seemingly need to clear the display screen typically so you can see the desktop.

Alternatively, you might want to rapidly hide what you’re working on (or what you’re not working on). If that is like you, a fast manner to hide what’s on your display screen may sound interesting. We may also present you how to hide the windows for a particular app.

Luckily, you can clear the display screen on your Mac rapidly and simply so you can get to the desktop with a variety of totally different shortcuts, we’ll clarify how under.

Shortcuts to view the Mac desktop

  1. Modern Macs use the following keyboard shortcut to reveal the desktop. Press Command – Mission Control (that is normally F3, you will see 3 small squares on the key).
  2. Older Macs should have the F11 key assigned to Show Desktop, however, on newer Macs, this secret is normally assigned the quantity management.
  3. If your keyboard has not but assigned a key to Show Desktop, or you need to assign 1 other key, go to System Preferences> Mission Control, or press Alt / Option and the F3 key (which is the Mission Control key). Here you can assign a key to Show Desktop. In our case, we assigned F13.
  4. You can additionally assign a mouse button (we now have assigned mouse button 3, the small button in the center of our Dell mouse).

Read this article for more Mac keyboard shortcuts.

Use Hot Corners to rapidly reveal the desktop

You can additionally assign a Hot Corner so that when you drag your cursor to the nook of the display screen, open windows will likely be cleared out of your desktop for you to see.

  1. From Mission Control preferences, click on the Hot Corners button.
  2. Here you can select what occurs when you drag your mouse to a sure angle.
  3. Choose the most acceptable angle and click on on the drop-down listing to assign the required motion. For instance, if you drag your mouse to your prime left nook, Show Desktop can be activated.

Tip: If you have a number of screens, keep away from assigning the corners the place the 2 screens are linked or every time you strive to transfer to the second display screen, activate a Hot Corner.

How to hide solely the windows for 1 software

If you simply need to hide the windows for 1 app, that is attainable.

  1. Select a window for the related app
  2. Press Command-H and all windows associated to that app will disappear
  3. To get the windows associated to that app again on the display screen, you want to click on on the icon in the Dock

We clarify right here how to see all open windows on Mac without delay and we even have this tutorial on how to use full display screen mode.