How to turn off Do Not Disturb While Driving

Do Not Disturb was already an excellent iPhone feature; Do not disturb whereas driving may be life-saving. Instead of blocking notifications for comfort solely, keep away from distractions whereas driving when surprising noises and out of the blue lit screens may be harmful.

The downside with this feature, nevertheless, is that on the safety aspect, it is so fallacious that individuals finish up getting uninterested in it and turning it off altogether. In its 2 automated modes, it ought to work out for itself that you’re driving, however, folks usually find that it’s activated when sitting within the passenger seat or on a practice. So this is how to turn it off.

Turn it off manually

When iOS thinks you’re driving and activates Do Not Disturb, a message will seem on the display screen telling you, “You are not receiving notifications while you are driving”. This message is persistent: when you use Raise to Wake to turn on the display screen at any time throughout your ‘journey’ it is going to point out that it’s nonetheless there.

Tap the notification, then faucet I’m not driving. This will disable Do Not Disturb.

Change the activation settings

If you’ve got been put off by the feature (and particularly when you plan to mimic the situation that simply confused iOS sooner or later), you might have considered trying to change the activation settings.

Open Settings and choose Do Not Disturb> Activate. There are 3 choices, however, the second (when linked to automotive Bluetooth) is in fact restricted to these with appropriate autos. You depart that mechanically and manually.

However, when you select Manual, we strongly suggest that you just allow the feature whereas driving.

1 final thought: Do not disturb whereas driving is excellent at sending replies to friends so that they know you’ve got turned it on. But commonplace Do Not Disturb is commonly more of a thriller. Here’s how to inform if somebody is utilizing Do Not Disturb.