How to use Pages Image Galleries Feature on MAC and iPAD

The new version of Pages for iPad compatible Apple Pencil also has some other great new features. One is the establishment of iBook, which we will see in another article. Today we will see how we can add an image gallery to a normal page document. This is useful if you have to include a lot of photos in a document, but you do not want to use the page & # 39; s and page & # 39; s pages to do this.

For example, you can include photo galleries in a family and friends newsletter, with images stacked in daily galleries or organized on an event basis. Or you can stack a stack of charts in an image gallery so that you can record much more information without cramming the document. In fact, you can export your Pages document as an e-book and the galleries become fully interactive.

Let's see how we can add one.

Image galleries in pages & # 39; s

An image gallery is a new type of container that allows you to add a stack of photos in one place. The viewer then uses two arrow buttons to move the images forward and backward. If you have ever used an image gallery on the internet, you know exactly how this works.

The advantage of an image gallery is that you can record as many images as you want, while you only want to take the space of an image. The disadvantage is that you can only see one image at a time. Moreover, galleries do not work in the new view of the page layout, which is a shame. The presentation view is a neat full-screen mode that has also been added to Pages 4.0. This is a simplified and magnified view of your document somewhere between Safari Reader View and a full Keynote presentation. This sounds perfect for image galleries, but unfortunately they are not visible at all. Image galleries even disappear completely from the presentation view, which can be a mistake that will be corrected in the future.

Add an image gallery in Pages for iPad

If you want to add an image gallery, just tap + button In the upper right corner, tap Photo & # 39; s tab (the far right tab), and then tap Image gallery at the bottom of the sidebar. An empty gallery appears on the current page, which goes over the rest of the rest.

To add photos to the new gallery, tap the + button in the empty gallery panel. Your photo library appears and you can navigate to it and add multiple photos. You can also add photos directly to the camera of the iPad or navigate to images in your iCloud drive, Dropbox or other storage services with the help of the app browser.

Tap when you have selected all images Done.

Edit and change the size of images in the gallery

Because all images must fit in the same gallery box, some parts can be cut off. With pages you can guess how much you want the images to be enlarged, but you can reduce them yourself. Simply double-tap an image to open the edit mode. A zoom slider appears below the gallery to enlarge and reduce the image. You can also use a finger to pan the image while zooming, to get only the desired part.

What are image galleries for?

If you have followed this guide, you may be wondering what these galleries are for. After all, are they a kind of presentation tool and how often do you go to a Pages document for presentations? Never. If you also export as a PDF file, only the currently displayed image will be included.

The real reason for galleries is therefore the support of iBooks / ePub pages. If you export a document as an ePub document, the gallery guides it. It is integrated with the page and, once opened in iBooks, the reader can browse through the images and read the subtitles.