iTunes Match errors: how to get rid of long uploading delays

Reader Greg Decker has discovered the rationale why iTunes Match takes so long to add data. He is writing:

I’ve a big iTunes library that I add to iTunes Match. I anticipated it to take some time for my unparalleled tracks to transfer from my Mac to the cloud, nevertheless it takes even longer than I anticipated, and now I do know why. My Mac uploads audiobook data. I believed they have been all marked as such and wouldn’t be uploaded, however, apparently that isn’t the case. How can I stop these tracks from being uploaded?

Change the Media Child tag

You should change their Media Kind tag. To try this, you have to first disable iTunes Match by going to the Store menu and selecting Disable iTunes Match. Don’t fear, the data that you’ve uploaded will stay within the cloud so you do not have to add them once more. Choose the music merchandise from the iTunes supply listing, choose all audiobook data in your music library, and press Command-I. Confirm that you simply certainly need to edit data for a number of gadgets by clicking Yes within the dialog field that seems.

In the Information about a number of gadgets window that seems, click on the Options tab. Select Audiobook from the Media Kind pop-up menu and click on the OK button. Your songs will probably be moved to the Book playlist and can subsequently not be uploaded the following time you activate iTunes Match. Go forward and switch it on. iTunes has entry to your iTunes Match database and in the end continues the place it left off, however, this time without these audiobook data.

You may additionally need to read this useful guide when you have scanning errors in iTunes Match.

Now enter lacking illustrations

While we’re discussing this subject, I might recommend that so as to stop issues of this type, everybody fastidiously searches their iTunes libraries. You not solely need to listen to wandering audiobooks, voice memos and podcasts, but in addition to inconsistent tags. In my assortment, for instance, I had sorted a chunk of moptop music beneath B for Beatles and 1 other beneath T for The Beatles (as a result of the sorting tag for artists was incorrect). If your album artwork is incomplete, select Advanced -> Get Album Art within the hope that iTunes can fill in some of these lacking illustrations. If there are playlists that make discovering your music on an iOS gadget simpler, create them now. And come up with a restricted quantity of style gadgets and assign these gadgets to your music to be able to later type them higher on different gadgets.

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