Android vs Windows | Which is more popular to Internet users of 2021

android vs windows

Android vs. Windows: Although Windows stays favorite for users of PCs, the rising number of users accessing the Internet from your mobile phone or tablet has grown to be essentially the most used Android operating system amongst internet users.

From 80% market share in 2012, Microsoft Windows fell in March 2017 beneath the rival Google Android, reflecting the tendency for users to make use of more and more mobile devices for Web access on the expense of desktop PCs and systems laptop.

With over one billion new handsets with Android shipped every year, in comparison with no more than 200 million PCs with Windows, Microsoft prospects will not be encouraging. Maybe charts supplied by StatCounter would look very completely different if Microsoft’s efforts to create an ecosystem around Windows 10 Mobile platform wouldn’t be unsuccessful so categorical.

Published by StatCounter rating was generated based mostly on statistics provided by the 2.5 million websites accessible from the online browser, however without bearing in mind the various applications that allow access to the Internet, explaining positioning Apple iOS platform at a lower stage.

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