Apple iPhone 7 Review

Apple iPhone 7 Review
Apple iPhone 7 Unlocked Phone 32 GB - US Version (Black)

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Features never before saw on an Apple phone, headphone controversy and a price hike. The iPhone 7 hasn’t slipped into the world with a whimper.

iPhone 7

And yet if you take a look at you’ll surprise what’s changed – it seems pretty much identical to an iPhone 6. Granted that design was good, however, would another company get away with a two-year-old search for a brand-new phone?

Get past this, and the iPhone 7 gives a unique experience among iPhones. The latest features – an unbelievable quad-core processor, water resistance and a 32GB starting storage capacity – are all very welcome.

However, just like the eponymous Batman villain, the iPhone 7 has two faces. The removing of the headphone jack feels unnecessary and restrictive, the handset prices more than the 6S did when it was launched last year (in the UK at least), and the iPhone 7’s battery life is a real drawback.

If you need a small Apple phone, you’d be better off opting for the iPhone SE. Alternatively, if size isn’t a problem, last year’s iPhone 6S Plus remains a nice phone, has strong battery life and prices exactly the identical as the iPhone 7.


iPhone 7

The re’s not much to speak about when it comes to the aesthetics of the iPhone 7. In case you’ve used an iPhone 6 or 6S, you’ll feel instantly at home.

For standing out from the iPhone crowd, the new Jet Black finish is your only option. A Jet Black iPhone 7 seems like no other handset. It’s not just like the plastic iPhone 5C – that is a phone made out of metal, however, which is easy to touch without being slippery.

Thesecond new colour on providing is just known as Black. The other colours available are Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

The iPhone 7’s size and shape is almost an identical to the earlier models. These changes are small, however welcome.

Water Resistant

iPhone 7

One of the causes the Home button has been changed is due to the iPhone 7’s headline feature: water resistance.
The iPhone 7 manages a dust resistance and IP67 rating for water resistance, which is a little less than the certification succeeded by Sony Xperia Z5 and the Galaxy S7. Don’t let that bother you, although. The variation is small, and I’ve used the iPhone 7 in water for 30 minutes, and it still works simply nice.


iPhone 7

The iPhone 7’s screen is similar 4.7 inches in size because the one on the iPhone 6S, and doesn’t pack any more pixels. So it has a resolution of 1334 x 750 and a pixel density of 326ppi – what Apple calls “Retina”.

It’s brighter and less reflective, too. That makes it a lot simpler to take a look at in bright sunlight. This is The Best IPS screen you will get on a phone. However, it still lags behind Samsung’s AMOLED screens when it comes to deep blacks. I can’t quite decide which I favour – both are glorious.


iPhone 7

The sound is one area that Samsung hasn’t cracked with its Galaxy S range. HTC does a much better job because of the stereo Boomsound speakers on the HTC 10, and the iPhone 7 follows these to some degree. It’s not pretty as successful, though.
There are two speakers now: One pumping straight out of the earphone slot and one at the bottom. This indicates you get a little stereo separation. However, they’re still too close to make it that noticeable.


iPhone 7

That is the most powerful phone I’ve ever used – a statement borne out by some unbelievable benchmark results.

The iPhone 7 may have kept the identical 2GB of RAM as the 6S. However, this appears more than adequate. You’ll be able to have plenty of apps open at the similar time and switching between them is quick and slick. That’s the place RAM helps. However, it also packs the new A10 Fusion core and it’s a blinder. The re’s a reason for the “Fusion” moniker. Apple is using a quad-core CPU for the first time. However, it doesn’t use all four of them at once.

The iPhone 7 is 30% quicker than the iPhone 6S. It’s also 12% highly effective than the Galaxy S7.

It’s in the graphics department that the A10 shines, although. The new six-core GPU scores a massive 37,349 on our normal Ice Storm Unlimited test – 30% better than the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7. This is unbelievable performance.


iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 feature I’ve been most anticipating is the upgraded camera. The iPhone 7 has a new six-optic lens, OIS and a wider f/1.8 aperture. All this leads to improved low-light performance. This helps provide more sensible skin tones as opposed to the ghost-like quality some LED flashes bestow. Taking video using the iPhone 7 is also a joy. You’ll be able to shoot at 4K or 1080p if you need a higher framerate. Slo-mo is still as delightful as the first time we used it, and it’s dead simple to select which bit of a video goes slow and which moves at a regular pace. The front-facing camera, or FaceTime camera, has also had a boost. It now has a 7-megapixel sensor and selfies look a little better than before.

Battery Life

iPhone 7

I’ve already talked about that the iPhone 7’s battery life is a drawback, and it truly is. Apple maintains the iPhone 7 has a longer battery life than the iPhone 6S by two hours. However, I’m unsure under which circumstances. I’ve been so shocked by its lack of stamina that we tested a second iPhone 7 simply in case there was something improper with my review sample. However, the results were identical. It lasts a little over 6 hours of constant use.

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4.7-inch display
32, 128 and 256GB storage options
Water resistant IP67
12MP rear camera
7MP front cameraA10 Fusion chip
A10 Fusion chip
Taptic engine with 3D Touch
Manufacturer: Apple
Price: £599.00

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Should I Purchase The iPhone 7?

iPhone 7

Barring its battery life, the iPhone 7 is a nice phone. Its camera, screen and performance are impressive and the water resistance is a real boon.

Whereas the starting capacity of 32GB (£599/$649) isn’t exactly large, it’s a lot better than the piddly 16GB we’d become so used to. The jump is big when you want more – up to 128GB (£699/$749) and then a ludicrous 256GB (£799/$849) for the top-of-the-range model. I suspect the iPhone 7 Plus won’t be as problematic, however at the moment in case you’re hell-bent on a small iPhone I’d recommend the more compact, and far cheaper, iPhone SE.

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Apple iPhone 7 Unlocked Phone 32 GB - US Version (Black)

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