Beats Pill XL Review

Beats Pill XL

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Beats have been known for big sound and big bass. The Beats Pill XL presents the ability to pair 2 speakers for true stereo sound from a single source, and that is a big deal when you are talking about Bluetooth, which does not natively support output to multiple audio units at the same time. As the title suggests, it’s indeed a larger version of the unique and it packs a lot larger punch within the sound department as nicely. The list of features is almost identical too, with NFC, dual 3.5 mm jacks, a heavy dose of bass and greater than a day’s worth of battery life. Heck, you can even use the speakers to charge battery of your smartphone, should the need arise. We will look into its design, connectivity, battery and performance.

Beats Pill XL: Design

Beats Pill XL
Beats Pill XL Design

Beats does not disclose certain specifications such as driver size and amp wattage, but we would estimate its 2 tweeters are ¾-inchers, and the larger drivers are available at about 1.5-inches – small, but no smaller than most portable speakers at this measurement.

It is hard not to grin on the Beats Pill XL clever shape. Though it seems to be a wonderfully rounded from the front, the handle that has been carved into the back not solely makes the speaker truly moveable, it also acts as a part of its base, and is home to most of its controls.

Lining a strip that runs along the back of the Beats Pill XL handle are a series of control buttons and jacks. There are sufficient of them that the Beats Pill XL comes with clear stickers that clearly label what. To 1 side, flush control buttons for volume rocker and power rest between an NFC chip and a series of 5 pin-sized LEDs, which indicate battery level. On the other side, a power port sits next to a 3.5 mm input jack, 3.5 mm output jack, a firmware update port and a USB charging port.

Beats Pill XL: Connectivity

Beats Pill XL
Beats Pill XL Connectivity

The Beats Pill XL improves on the usual connectivity of Bluetooth with NFC(Near field communication), in addition to 3.5 mm analog audio jacks for both input and output. Which means that you can hook up a device that does not have Bluetooth to play directly through the Beats Pill XL, or you may hook up a second Beats Pill XL through a daisy-chained output to input connection, though you would not exactly get a stereo image. Of course, a 3.5 mm cable is included within the box together with Beats other excellently built accessories.

Beats Pill XL: Battery

Beats Pill XL
Beats Pill XL Battery

The battery of the Beats Pill XL is far, much bigger than the diminutive Pill 2.0, and which means it is capable of run twice as long 15 hours while producing much more expansive sound at better quality and at a significantly louder volume. If you are willing to sacrifice some of that battery life, you may charge an external device like an Android or Apple iPhone phone via the rear full-size USB port, supplied you’ve a cable useful and provided you do not mind the relatively slow charge rate in comparison with a wall socket.

Beats Pill XL: Performance

Beats Pill XL
Beats Pill XL Performance

In terms of audio performance the Beats Pill XL actually impresses. It manages to remain clear and bright even to high volumes, which isn’t something that can be said of most Bluetooth speakers, even these within the larger, more powerful output category. As with most Beats products, the Beats Pill XL features bombastic bass performance.

Actually, the Beats Pill XL does a greater job with sound quality. It is a special kind of sound, one that is probably more suitable for backyard parties than dockside relaxation, but relying in your mood and tastes, the Beats Pill XL is simply as good.

Beats Pill XL: Verdict

Beats Pill XL
Beats Pill XL Verdict

The combination of the Beats Pill XL strong sound, excellent design and feature set make it a reasonable value despite its elevated price tag.

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