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April 1, 2017

Beats X review: The Best strength of Beats’ current headphones is undoubtedly the W1 chip.

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It’s identical to the one that powers the Apple AirPods which, whatever else you might consider them, are technically bloody superb.

W1 streamlines wi-fi connectivity so much that it makes standard Bluetooth headphones appear completely archaic. However, whereas they share the identical W1 tech, these BeatsX earphones are sadly far less striking than the teeny tiny AirPods.


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The BeatsX earphones are wi-fi, however, unlike the Apple AirPods, are strung together by a cord that works around the back of your neck while you’re using them.

Sitting on the cable both side of your neck are two small bits of plastic – one house the USB Lightning Charge socket, the other the power and pairing button. Further, with the left side of the cable is Beats’ standard, easy-to-use inline remote, which will be a large boon to those frustrated by the AirPods’ lack of bodily buttons and full reliance on Siri for also the most basic features.


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As talked about, the headline feature of the BeatsX earphones is the W1 chipset. Use the headset on in proximity to any Apple device working at least iOS 10.2 or MacOS Sierra, and a pop-up will seem to ask when you’d like to connect them. A click later or single tap, and you’re achieved.


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Beats headphones have long been the trendy choice. However, they’ve not received a sterling reputation when it comes to sound quality. In the past, that reputation was deserved. However, the audio has come a long way since the Apple acquisition.

Sound quality and battery life

beats x

The Beats X play it protected when it comes to sound quality – it’s neither to bass-heavy nor tinny in any way. Instead, you’ve received a well-rounded sound that can be played at decent volume. The re’s hardly any noise leakage – although don’t expect them to block out the outside world either totally. The re’s no noise-cancellation – perhaps to conserve battery life.

Talking about battery life, that’s the other ace up the Beats X sleeve.

The Fast Charge technology means you’ll be able to juice up the Beats X for five minutes from a Lightning connector and expect to get two hours of playtime out of them. In my experience, they managed a solid eight hours earlier than needing to be connected to a charger.


beats x

The Beats X are an expensive addition to your gadget collection at £130. Similar wi-fi headphones could be had for simply under £100 when you look around.

However, what they bring with them is a comfort and ease of use (when you’ve received a device running iOS 10, that is). The battery life is also wonderful.

Anyone looking for a thumping bass-filled pair of earphones will be dissatisfied, though. These are a more middle-of-the-road approach that’ll suit a far wider range of iPhone users who don’t need to bother with the AirPods.

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