Beyerdynamic T51i Review

The Beyerdynamic T51i are the world best portable headphones. By “portable,” I mean headphones that fold and have a remote management.

With their stable but light aluminium build, yielding earpads and flawless sound, the Beyerdynamic T51i permits you to take true Hi-Fi sound wherever you go.

The magnetic field within the Beyerdynamic T51i transducers is around twice the power of other headphones. The main benefit of this powerful magnetic field is that it permits for using smaller, lighter voice coils. This in turn promotes very good efficiency and speed of motion

Beyerdynamic T51i: Design

Beyerdynamic T51i

Beyerdynamic T51i Design

The build quality is a fantastic introduction to the overall theme here, simply pure enjoyment. The Beyerdynamic T51i headphones are pretty to the touch.The relatively light-weight (174 gram) mostly metallic design does not have a hinged headband, but the earcups fold flat for simple storage in the equipped, well-designed carrying case.

The strong cool metallic and leather earpads undoubtedly give the concept that there is nothing to fret about and it is all under control. The cable is extra akin to their IEM cables; extra suitable for the moveable crowd, but non-removable. Conceivably, they could have had a detachable cable and introduced different cables with controls for specific handset types, but that is simply nit-picking. As you would expect from this leading headphone brand, they are additionally extremely comfy. A padded headband plus well-cushioned ear pads ensures long-term comfort.

Beyerdynamic T51i: Performance

Beyerdynamic T51i

Beyerdynamic T51i Performance

Sound quality is what may be expected from Beyerdynamic’s full-size headphones, well-represented bass without bad or bloat definition, detailed highs and clean midrange. Some models such as the DT880 can lean towards the bright aspect, but the Beyerdynamic T51i has the detail together with smoothness. Stepping down to the smaller Momentum On-Ear 2.0, the Beyerdynamic T51i came out forward, delivering more refined sound with better bass efficiency. Of course, the sound is a matter of taste, and Beyerdynamic T51i sound profile would not appeal to everybody.

Beyerdynamic T51i: Verdict

Beyerdynamic T51i

Beyerdynamic T51i Verdict

It is a compact audiophile headphone that is well-built and delivers top-notch sound. Its design will not be for everybody, but it’s comfortable and attention-grabbing.