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EQQO Review

Being blind is an asset in video games for many years to come. Often it’s restricted to just one standing impact is the lack of imaginative and prescient is one thing that’s straightforward to perceive as a game mechanic. The thought of a blind main character, although, maybe very intriguing. The lack of ability to see, after all, comes with its set of challenges, and nature wouldn’t find a way to see the world wherein they reside, would find a way to make quite a lot of fascinating and probably heartbreaking tales to inform. This is our EQQO Review.

EQQO Review About

  • Platform: Android, Oculus Rift, PC, Switch
  • Developer: Parallel Studio
  • Release Date: February 7, 2020


Eqqo appears to be to do this, whereas additionally telling the story of the egg of a god. Use Eqqo’s mom, who serves as a narrator to information Eqqo, by way of the dream world of the game. If you might be unable to see it, Eqqo to navigate on the planet, it is the sound of you tapping on the bottom, particularly within the working game, a point-and-click journey. On this journey, you’ll quickly be the egg of a serpent, and the god who calls you Enkolal, and that’s the beginning of your journey to information Eqqo, and the egg is secure on the planet.

EQQO Review

Each and each part of the Eqqo, it’s in a unique 3D setting with a wide range of stars, and you may change it, change your standpoint. You can see a full 360 levels, out of your perspective, and that is vital. As a result of it is not going to be straightforward for you to discover the different mechanisms that may find a way to assist you in Eqqo progress. You have spent the vast majority of the time, transferring the levers, they may inform Eqqo to put his hand within the holes and throwing rocks at numerous objects.

It may be very uncommon that it takes place in a degree, it requires loads more consideration than it’s to discover a swap or two, and I’ve hardly ever felt so excited to deal with a new problem in my life. Sometimes, the re’s a degree of pleasure, because the small creatures, and an enormous shadow monsters, and all of us need to be part of the Enkolalcontents. Usually, it’s the method the eggs are secure to rush again into it, or throwing of objects to the portray being in the query, the design of the plan which has been very intimidating although.

One of the issues with this tense, time-critical factors, that’s, the management of the game is clumsy at most elegant and with the assistance of the management software program. It was evident that Eqqo, it was designed with VR and mobile units and behind my thoughts. Touch and gyroscope controls may be awkward, and the Joy, however, to Constantly really feel is only too gradual. With the steerage of the Eqqo, it’s merely inconvenient to have it, and it hurts the game’s more important moments.

I like the thought of serving the Eqqo, together with the obstacles, given the constraints of the blind spots in him, Eqqo, the sight is rarely actually used as a game mechanic. Accidentally accompanying him within the hazard, corresponding to a pit or enemy, and he’ll solely cease when he’s close to. It feels just like the builders missed a chance to Eqqo-the lack of sight is a vital part of the game because it feels too by no means have to transfer a personality round to a degree and click on journey game.

EQQO Review

This is the thought of storytelling used, Eqqo, the scenario in a lot more fascinating methods, and the ache in his mom’s voice when he’s confronted with obstacles, and it’s palpable. Eqqo, the faces of a few of the vital pitfalls within the quest of his mom within the story, actually brings out the emotion of the scenario. If the story was so unusual, however, I discovered it to typically load much less enjoyable. In the world, Eqqo, it’s adorable, with a beautiful coloration palette and beautiful structure. Of the ruined temples in deep blue caves, the environments wherein you spend your time to wash, a pleasure to take a look at.

One of the only a few non-obligatory targets within the Eqqo you go smashing stuff to gather, and the story strikes in. The roll shall have at the least two photographs, which can be slightly bit more element on the lore of the game. Although it’s discovered on the rolls, it’s not notably vital to an understanding of the game, and the artwork is gentle enough that I found myself trying on the vessels and smash them all around the world.

EQQO Review Conclusion

Eqqo, it’s a game that by no means managed to seize my consideration. The idea of a blind protagonist was fascinating. However, the uninspired puzzles and dangerous management, meant that I by no means felt invested in his journey. It does not matter how good of a world it’s. When you’re spending most of your time the re, it may be annoying after a few times. I hope you like our article on EQQO Review.

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