Best Free VPN Apps to Surf Anonymously on the Web

Internet security has become a concern for almost every mobile user these days. Gone are the days when we used to perform transactions via our mobile phones without the risk or fear of any data leakage or online attack. We cannot risk getting our mobile devices connected to a public Wi-Fi connection because we never know when an online hacker can sneak into our device and get access to our private and confidential data such as bank credentials, credit card details, and other private data.

To secure our Internet and our mobile devices, a VPN was introduced to the world of technology. A VPN or a virtual private network is a technology that adds an extra layer of security on our internet connection while we surf the web on our mobile devices without compromising the privacy of our data stored on it. One such example of VPN is falcovpn that works effortlessly on a mobile device. A VPN works successfully even when we’re using public Wi-Fi networks. We can easily connect our mobile devices to a public Wi-Fi connection without having any fear of our data getting misused or hacked by a third party.

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A VPN acts as a secure tunnel between our mobile device and our internet connection that encrypts all the Internet traffic that passes between the two ends. Not only it encrypts our web traffic, but also hides our IP address and location from the world excluding our VPN provider and makes us appear anonymous on the internet. Nobody can monitor or track our online activity that places on our mobile devices other than our VPN provider. Even our ISP cannot monitor the traffic which makes our data more safe and secure from the prying eyes.

While it adds an extra layer of security to our mobile devices and our internet connection, most of the web users also use a VPN to gain access to the geo-restricted sites or blocked content. There are many free VPN apps available on the internet that can help you to surf anonymously on the web while protecting your mobile device and the data stored in it. Both free and paid VPN apps/software options are available. However, we would recommend you using a free VPN app especially if you’re going to use a VPN for the first time. When you get used to the app, you can switch to the paid option. In this post, we have pooled together five for the Best free VPN apps that may be useful to you in ways that you cannot even imagine.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

1. FalcoVPN

FalcoVPN has been in the VPN industry for quite some time and has already received immense popularity by the users. It offers complete internet freedom to the user by allowing them to browse the web anonymously and also protect their data from being monitored. It has multiple VPN protocols that allow users to choose their level of protection. Users can give it a try to its trial version before opting for its premium plan. It offers top-level encryption to secure the internet connection and to keep your data away from the prying eyes.

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2. Hotspot Shield

After FalcoVPN, we would highly recommend using Hotspot Shield. Perhaps many of you would be already familiar with this proxy. This is one of the most popular and oldest VPN proxy available on the internet right now. With approximately more than 300 million downloads around the world, this VPN proxy allows the user to browse the internet anonymously and unblocked the geo-restricted sites with ease. It’s incredibly super encryption powers make sure all the outgoing data remains secure from the eavesdroppers.

3. SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPN has been developed by AVAST, who are already quite famous for developing one for the Best antiviruses worldwide. Using the IPsec protocol, this VPN encrypts all the Internet traffic through its private tunnel, making quite difficult for the hackers to snoop into your mobile devices to hack your data even if you’re using public W-Fi networks. With just one click, this app will perform all the work for you by keeping your device away from the online hackers and government surveillance.

4. Spotflux VPN

This VPN app is also recommended because it takes care of the seclusion of data providing two levels of protection to the users. Moreover, it also lessens the consumption of bandwidth by compressing the data. This VPN service will be most suitable to those who are not only interested in protecting their data but also maximizing the data plan available on their mobile device.

5. Hola Free VPN

With servers located in more than 190 countries, Hola Free VPN app secures data and provides access to geo-restricted websites and other blocked content on the internet. It speeds up web browsing by automatically choosing and connecting to the nearest and fastest servers from the list of servers available across the globe. It has some fascinating features that attract users in the first go.

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