Fujifilm Instax Square Link review

Fujifilm Instax Square Link review

The Instax Square Link from Fujifilm is a smartphone printer made to prevent memories from being lost in the camera roll of your phone indefinitely. Instead, the printer enables you to store or share those memories in tangible form by seamlessly partnering with your smartphone. The Instax Square Link, which is merely a printer, provides greater quality prints than are possible with even the greatest instant cameras since users may choose photos that were taken with higher resolution sensors in smartphones or cameras.

The portable Instax Square Link is the third Link printer to be made available by Fujifilm. It completes Fujifilm’s series of Bluetooth printers and is made to work with the Instax square format film. As a result, each Instax film format now has a corresponding printer. Although the Instax Square Link performed admirably during our tests, some features of the printer and software are either unnecessary or may not make it the ideal printer for you. For a detailed analysis of the Instax Square Link printer, keep reading.

The Instax Square Link is an instant printer that comes in Ash White and Midnight Green, two rather subdued colors, and has the same bulbous, rectangular shape and rounded edges as the Instax Mini 9 and Mini 11. The printer is shaped like a large pillow and almost the same size as a UK passport, except it is somewhat broader and thicker. It measures 127.5mm in height and 105mm in width.

The printer is portable due to its size, although I wish it were a little thinner. It isn’t quite compact enough that I could see myself keeping it in my bag round-the-clock in case I decide to print some impromptu photos, but I was able to bring it to the theater without feeling like I was carrying around much extra weight. Instead, I’d be more inclined to grab the printer when I knew I would see friends or go someplace scenic where I thought some nice photos would make for immediate printing. You can buy this Fujifilm Instax Square Link from its official website

Bluetooth is used by the Instax Square Link to connect to the Square Link mobile application. Since all the instructions are provided in the app, setting everything up is simple and printing photographs doesn’t require any learning. Instax claims that while the developing process takes about 90 seconds, printing takes 15 seconds.

Although I timed each of these occurrences and discovered that the 15-second print time was true, in my experience a print often took three to four minutes to fully mature. This wasn’t really a problem for me. There is no need to monitor the print or keep the app open once the image has finished printing—all that needs to be done is to let the photo develop. Even though four minutes pass quickly, you should be aware of this if you intend to print numerous photographs at once.

Speaking of tools, there are plenty inside the app to get creative as before, which is fun and you can really add some cool effects to your image taken or what’s already on your smartphone, and it is a clean easy to use UI and everyone should have no issues navigating the menu, but we also show you this in the video below if you have not seen it yet.

You can also share images to others via the Connect feature, which can then be edited or kept as is, which again is a handy tool for some. The printer is a terrific device to bring out to snap photos and create actual memories that you can then edit and more and have that photo in your hand instead of all over social media. It is portable, sturdy, and can fit in a purse or huge pocket. The battery life is also decent.

A number of online merchants currently offer the Ash White and Midnight Green color options of the $140 Fujifilm Instax Square Link printer. Because of its price, the printer falls in the middle of the two Instax Link bluetooth printers that came before it. The pricing of each of the three Fujifilm Instax print sizes, tiny, square, and broad, varies. The Fujifilm Instax Square uses the middle-sized Square format, as suggested by its name, therefore its midrange price makes sense.

Due to its capacity to print from digital photographs, the Fujifilm Instax Square Link is portable, simple to use, and capable of producing prints of a higher caliber than those produced by Instax instant cameras. Although the interactive features are gimmicky, they don’t detract from the wonderful quality and practicality of the product or the entire experience of using it.

This is an excellent and simple wireless printer to use with your phone. Those on a limited budget may want to look into alternative solutions because print media is expensive, but we believe that this is justified by the high end quality and stunning retro appearance. In the end, this is a terrific tool if you want lovely, traditional prints to share memories that frequently get buried in your smartphone camera roll.

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