Microsoft Surface Book 2 in 1 Notebook Review

Microsoft Surface Book 2 in 1 Notebook Review

Microsoft Surface Book 2 in 1 Notebook Review


The Surface Book is a great deal as it is Microsoft’s first ever laptop. It’s a risky move for Microsoft to enter Surface Book in the competitive notebook market, especially because it has to compete directly with its partner, but the Surface Book does own some impressive specs. We take a look at how helpful the new laptop contender is for work and a bit of play.

The Surface Book is a pimped out Surface Pro 4 with additional you got a new Surface Pen with 1024 pressure levels that is attached to the frame of the device magnetically. It comes with a full-sized keyboard with Nvidia graphics card nestled inside the expensive versions. With Surface Pro 4, the keyboard cover and the discrete graphics card is sold separately.


OS: Windows 10 Pro

Aspect Ratio: 3:2

Touch: Multi-touch (10 points)

Battery life: 12 hours of video playback

Processor: 6th Gen Intel Core (i5/ i7)

Exterior: Silver

Weight: 1.5kg including keyboard

Memory: 8GB/16GB RAM

Resolution: 3000 x 2000

Display Screen: 13.5-inch

Dimensions:  31.2 cm × 23.2 cm × 2.3 cm

Graphics i5: Intel HD Graphics 520 (i5/i7) with 1GB GDDR5 memory

Bluetooth: 4.0

Security: TPM chip

Wireless: 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking

Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB

Ports: Headset jack

Surface Connect

Mini DisplayPort

Full-sized SD Card reader

Two full-size USB 3.0

Sensors: Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor,  Gyroscope and Magnetometer

Microphones: Stereo microphones

Cameras: Windows Hello face-authentication camera (front-facing)

5.0 megapixel front-facing HD

8.0-megapixel rear-facing autofocus camera

Audio: Dolby Audio, Stereo speakers


Microsoft Surface Book 2 in 1 Notebook ReviewMicrosoft Surface Book 2 in 1 Notebook Review

A lot has said about Surface Book’s ‘dynamic fulcrum hinge.’ It’s the first things you notice about Surface Book. Which looks a bit similar to Lenovo’s watch-hinge from the Yoga 900, however, its inner-workings are very different to nearly every other laptop hinge that’s come before it.

For example, rather than just bending at a pivot point like a standard hinge, the internal mechanism unfurls and uncoils. The hinge has a number of grooves that allow it to bend when the lid is shut, and while it’s open, the numerous ridges press together to provide support.

The display can also be mounted back to its base reversed so that you can use it in a pitched up tent mode or you could fold it down flat. The Surface Book knows when it’s been reverse-mounted, too, so it will stay in tablet mode.

As for 13in laptops, it’s quite heavy. With a dedicated GPU, it weighs about 1.58kg and without 1.52kg. Next to the Dell XPS 13, which weighs 1.29kg, the difference is clear. The fulcrum hinge increases its thickness, as it reduces from 22.8mm down to 13mm at the front. By no means, it encountered any issues with dirt accumulating in the grooves of the hinge. Although the hinge and gap do give the Surface Book, a distinct charm, and its uninterrupted magnesium body look superb both inside and outside.

The keyboard is connected to the screen through ‘Muscle wire’ attachment mechanism. You can release it by hold down the dedicated button in the top right corner of the keyboard, or you can select the relevant option in the taskbar then mechanism’s nitinol alloy tightens when the charge has passed, and it is used as spring that disengage the locks and those clamps are incredibly strong.

Performance & Battery

Microsoft Surface Book 2 in 1 Notebook Review

The main battery is placed inside the device’s keyboard, so when you’re in laptop mode, you get the long battery life you would expect from a high-end notebook. But the re’s also a second battery placed inside the screen. Just by pressing a button, you can detach the screen for the Clipboard Mode.The  battery in screen is smaller compared to the battery in the keyboard which gives a short battery life compared to the battery inside the keyboard. It thus makes its clipboard feel light in hand, and its is much larger than the Surface Pro 4, however (sans keyboard) weighs either 6 % lighter (compared to Core m3 Surface Pro 4) or 9 % lighter (compared to all other SP4 models).


Microsoft Surface Book 2 in 1 Notebook Review

Microsoft Surface Book comes with an 5 & 8-megapixel front and back cameras. The camera is totally amazing for a Tablet or Laptop and thus gives an excellent image resolution.


Microsoft Surface Book 2 in 1 Notebook Review

Microsoft included a special camera in the Surfaces Book that lets you log into your Windows using facial recognition technology. That is as big of a deal on devices like this as fingerprint sensors have been on phones. It only takes just a few seconds to set up, and after that, you can securely log into your Surface simply by looking at it. It works perfectly and saves you from typing your PIN or password every time you sit down.



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