Reviews » Rode Wireless Me review 2023: excellent sound quality

Rode Wireless Me review 2023: excellent sound quality

Rode delivers excellent audio recordings for run and gun content creators

by Clinton Harding & Edmund Blake
4 minutes read
Rode Wireless Me review

The Wireless Me is designed so that it can be plugged in and used with multiple devices. This makes it a great choice for both beginners and more experienced shooters who need great sound that is easy to set up. The Rode Wireless Me ($149) is the next model in the company’s line of wireless mics for content creators. It is similar to the famous Wireless Go II, but has some important differences.

You will notice right away that the radio doesn’t have an LCD screen. And there’s an interesting change in the way it’s made: the receiver now has a microphone that lets it be used as a second mic. This gets rid of the need for two different transmitters and makes the space you need even smaller, since you don’t need a second device.

Rode Wireless Me Specifications

Wireless System TypeDigital
Frequency Range2.4 GHz
Operating RangeUp to 70 meters (line-of-sight)
Audio Input3.5mm TRS or TRRS
Transmitter Battery LifeUp to 7 hours
Receiver Battery LifeUp to 7 hours
CompatibilitySmartphones, cameras, and audio recorders
Signal-to-Noise Ratio100 dB
Polar PatternOmnidirectional

Rode Wireless Me: Design

Rode Wireless Me review

However, the RODE Central desktop program is where all of the mic controls are located. This app appears to be quite straightforward, but it actually contains a few settings that are not immediately apparent. While the GainAssist modes are designed for automatic level control without clipping, the difference between the ‘Auto’ and ‘Dynamic’ settings isn’t obvious until you do some digging into it. The output level was primarily designed for use with cameras where you want to increase levels with the mic, not the camera.

Rode Wireless Me: Performance

The Wireless Me works when you plug it into a phone or camera. You don’t need to make any more changes to the audio levels, but RODE suggests that you change the device’s audio settings to give the mics more power for better results. When the RX unit was put into a Mac, the experience wasn’t quite as good. It was immediately recognized, but unlike other mic inputs, it didn’t seem to have a native audio input setting, so the volume stayed pretty low. The Level control in RODE Central doesn’t make a difference here, but setting GainAssist to Dynamic raised the audio levels so that speech could be heard at a regular volume. It took a lot longer to figure out how to do that than it should have. You can buy this from its official website

Rode Wireless Me: Battery life

Rode Wireless Me review

The sender and receiver for Wireless Me can both record for seven hours straight. During my tests, we got almost ten hours out of them, but we did turn them off once or twice to move my camera around and to answer calls and emails.

We should also say that, unlike DJI or the Movo WMX, the Wireless Me doesn’t come with a charging case, which is a little frustrating. But you will find that most portable chargers can be used to charge them. When connected to a laptop, they charge up pretty fast, and I’ve seen that a full charge takes about 45 minutes. Rode should think about making a charging case, since most of its competitors do the same thing for about the same price.

Final Words

The RODE Wireless Me is a wonderful small dual-mic kit that is easy enough for amateurs to use but powerful enough for professionals. The addition of a microphone to the receiver is a brilliant idea that could prove useful for both independent filmmakers and interviewees.

There is a mobile version of the RODE Central app available for use on-the-go, and while having all the mic controls in one place generally works well, not all the settings are obvious and straightforward. Although there are definitely less expensive options available, the RODE Wireless Me stands out as a premium product from an audio specialist that is both easy to use and highly effective.

Rode Wireless Me review: The good and The bad

The Good

  1. Crisp, clean recordings
  2. long-lasting battery

The Bad

  1. Lack of charging case


How long can RØDE wireless go last?

In order to connect your smartphone and an adaptor, such as the SC7 and DAC USB Adaptor to phone, you will need additional cables that are not included. Both gadgets’ batteries have a 7-hour lifespan and can be charged via a USB-C cable.

Do wireless mics need line of sight?

Important consideration must be given to line of sight. The mic transmitter must’see’ the receiving antenna. To view a larger version, please click here. The radio frequency (RF) signal transmitted by a wireless mic transmitter will be absorbed, blocked, interfered with, and reflected by the human body.

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