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SoundMagic E10C Review

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SoundMagic E10C Review

SoundMagic E10C Review

Get a survey at the train or bus in your morning travel, although, and also you’d think Apple Earpods have been the height of audio excellence. Nearly everybody has a pair. Simply be clear, they aren’t – they’re a leaky abomination that ought to never have been taken out of the box. Even You don’t have to spend the fortune to get musical excellence, although. Got £40? SoundMagic’s E10C is, hands-down, the perfect pair of in-ears you will get for your money. If SoundMagic got here up with even better-sounding variations of its multi Award-winning E10s for a similar cash, we’d pinch ourselves to think that, we don’t want to as the latest SoundMagic E10C in-ears sound identical as the model they substitute.That homogeneity is probably not what you’d expect of a successor. However, we’ve been right here before; the Japanese company is not averse to creating purely useful improvements for its upgraded models. Read Also: Tips to Choose The Best Earphones

For the final six years, the SoundMAGIC E10 has provided listeners spectacular bass and winning treble at an extremely affordable price. Winning countless awards, the E10 has changed into the go-to earphone for music followers who need an enjoyable and thrilling listening expertise.

SoundMagic E10C: Design

The E10C is a pretty small drone, barely bigger than a standard SD card.The front of the drone contains a 720P, 2MP camera. The drone can record video and take photos.The Best side of the drone comprises the power switch including one charging port. The left side of the drone contains the micro SD card slot. Neither the manual nor Machine’s website offers a maximum micro SD card size.

The E10C has a LED notification light beneath every rotor. The lights can be utilized to find out orientation or hold track of the drone at night time. The front of a drone has the blue LEDs, whereas the rear has red.The re’s also a LED indicator which may be seen in the lower right corner of the first image above. This LED lights up if you end up taking a photograph or video.The remote control for the E10C is pretty average. There are a couple of joysticks for flight command, trim control buttons beneath the right joystick and video/photo keys in the bumpers. In the joysticks, there is a power button, with a notification LED instantly above. The rear of the remote accommodates a battery compartment for two AA batteries.

SoundMagic E10C: Description

With 3-button remote for complete control
The brand-new E10C highlight an inline 3-button remote and microphone. Suitable for Apple iOS and Android devices, this not only permits you to take calls using the headphones however also manage your music. Adjust the volume, leap ahead and backward, play/pause and take or drop calls, the E10c provides you more control over your smartphone, without having to take it out of your pocket or bag.

Metal Construction
Machined in one piece, the metal earphone physique makes the E10C strong and prepared for the rigours of on a regular basis life, no matter you throw at them. Contained in the sheath of the cord a twisted cable ensures energy and a tangle-free listening experience.

Intelligent Auto Switching

The model new E10C has intelligent switching that doesn’t require you to flick a switch depending on the device you utilize. In case you use both Apple and Android devices, the E10C is good. Extra than just a microphone too with some controls at your fingertips.

Highly efficient Bass 

SoundMAGIC’s engineers have tuned a driver of the E10C to ship a heavy bottom end. Delivering deep rolling bass balanced with excellent musical detail, the E10C creates an exciting and enjoyable listening expertise.

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  • Driver: Dynamic 10mm Neodymium
  • Sensitivity: 100dB at 1kHz/mW
  • Cable size: 1.2m
  • Connection: Gold-plated straight stereo 3.5mm
  • Frequency range: 15Hz – 22kHz
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Earphone body material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 11g

In the Box

  • SoundMAGIC E10C Earphones in Black & Red
  • Skype/VoIP adaptor
  • Cable clip
  • Hard carrying case
  • Two types silicone ear tips (S/M/L)
  • Double Flange Silicone ear tips


These headphones are incredible earphones for the money, individually if you add a set of sound-isolating ear foams that may improve their capacity to block noise; the E10s are suitable with the T-400 to Comply fitting, although Soundmagic doesn’t add into the box. They ship with standard silicone tips, which do a good job, but for around £15 more you may turn them into excellent isolating in-ears.All informed you’re getting a lot to your cash with the SoundMagic E10C. They sound fantastic, include a good spread of equipment, and the price could be tiny. Fairly, they’re one for the Best low-cost headphones you possibly can buy.You probably have been contemplating buying a drone; I assume you need to give the E10c undoubtedly a look.

I hope you like the article ‘SoundMagic E10C Review.’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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