What is the difference between Android and Windows OS

April 6, 2017

What is Android

Android is an open source, the Linux-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. This system was designed and developed by Android Inc., that was founded and later purchased by Google in 2005. Android gives a level of customization to each finish user and manufacturer. Not all Androids are the same, far from it. However, the sheer popularity of Android devices means that there are many compatible third-party devices and accessories for Android. Read More: 10 Best Android Apps every user must try!

What is Windows

Windows Phone is the line of exclusive software developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Windows Phone is closed-source, which means that the company solely produces it and protected by copyright. The company gives a bunch of new features compared to the older Windows Mobile OS. Read More: HoverWatch Review: Best Spy Software for Android, Windows, and Mac of 2021

Difference between Android and Windows

Wherever you are unsure about which one to choose between Android and Windows Phone smartphone when this article will help you better explain the difference between Android and Windows Phone platform so that may help you to decide which one to go for.


The Windows Phone that succeeded the earlier versions of Windows Mobile, with Windows Mobile 10 being the newest launch that’s stated to be available later of 2021, is accessible to some mobile phone manufacturers. HTC, LG, Samsung, and Nokia may be the most prominent and well-known here, however partners like Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Fujitsu (among others)

Android, as the biggest selling operating system for mobile devices, is supported by the most well-known phone manufacturers as nicely, including HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony (Experia), Samsung, and Google (Nexus). Other companies like Acer, Asus, Huawei, or ZTE support the Android OS as well.

The Apps

That is the main problem point for Windows 10 Mobile as just like earlier versions of Windows Phone there merely aren’t suitable apps.

It is the vicious circle because the lack of apps provides to there being a comparatively small user base, whichever in turn means developers lack the incentive to make more apps. It’s not all bad information although, as there are apps for most of the large providers you’d expect to find, equivalent to Facebook, as well as numerous more area of interest apps, there simply aren’t as many as the competition.

In a bid to fix this Microsoft is making it simple for developers to port their iOS apps to Windows 10 Mobile. Therefore we could quickly see an influx. However, it’s unlikely to catch up with Android 6.0, that has over 1.6 million apps available, with also being added all the time. Read More: 8 Best Android Hacking Apps

Operating System

Android is an open-source platform, which means that the operating system is accessible for modification by manufacturers to suit their respective requirements and phones.

In contrast, Microsoft Windows Phone is closed-source, which means that it’s owned and operated by Microsoft and developers. They do not have direct access to the operating system programming code.


Regarding safety, windows phone is more secure than Android. The reason for that is that Windows phone doesn’t enable installation of apps from unknown sources. You’re only allowed to install applications which are available in its app stores. Whereas in Android, and also you can install several apps from outside of Google play store. So people tend to add more cracked software which carries a lot of viruses or malware. However, you can stop that by never installing any apps from unknown sources.

Other Devices

Another thing that you may wish to consider is the phone’s compatibility with different devices.

Wherever you plan on connecting your new smartphone to various devices such as a smartwatch, or should you plan on keeping your phone synced to a fitness device or want to sync your phone to your cars stereo system when the Android platform is arguably the right choice available.


Windows 10 Mobile is the most highly efficient version of Windows Phone but. It’s also a distinctive OS, however for the time being it lacks the polish of Android and has far fewer apps.

With its Continuum feature, it’s better for mobile workers. However, Android is arguably still the better all-rounder and certainly better for the average user.

Each Android and Windows Phone have their strength and weakness. If you’re a one that likes to explore apps and customize a smartphone, then go for the Android phone as it would allow you to do a lot of customization which you’ll do on the other OS. For people who require more secure platform then go for Windows phone.

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