WhatsApp Messenger review

WhatsApp Messenger review: WhatsApp is an especially popular mobile messaging service with over 1 billion each day users. That’s a tremendous figure, and the company prides itself in the apparent security it affords all of these users (provided they’re working the latest version of the app). These people, who most probably include you and me, can share instant messages and multimedia files for free, and more interestingly, can speak for free unlimited. The app works on nearly all smartphone models and is also accessible from computers, and works on Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks. Read Also: The Smartphones in the World

WhatsApp is a comfortable and light app that installs without troubles on your smartphone. I examined on my Android phone, and it worked fine, showing no greed for resources. I found that the process of setting up and making it running is more or less the same for all types of smartphones that it helps.

Once installed, you are presented with a greeting screen, asking you to continue. Then you enter your mobile phone number, which is the handle via which the service identifies you.

Download WhatsApp 


DevicesiPhone, Mac, Android, Apps for Windows
Size18.60 MB
Software requirementsiOS 4.3, Android 2.1 and up


In addition to texts, WhatsApp users can send images, videos, audio notes, contacts, and locations. WhatsApp also enables you to send and receive phone calls; however, calls are placed via your mobile carrier. WhatsApp utilizes green arrows to indicate whether your message was delivered and read, and you’ll notice when your friend is typing. The re’s a choice to email conversations, and swiping right on a chat deletes it. One feature that’s notably missing from WhatsApp is the ability to sync with Facebook, which is accessible to such messaging apps as TextFree.

Free to Use

Unlike many different paid chat apps for Android and different platforms, the WhatsApp is an entirely free variation. You don’t have to pay something to enjoy any of the WhatsApp providers such as messaging, voice calling, video calling, etc. Everything is totally free. That works flawlessly on any network including 4G/3G/2G/Wi-Fi.

Group Chat

WhatsApp on-line chat is not only limited to 2 persons. The WhatsApp Group Chat feature permits numerous people to chat simultaneously at the same time without any interruptions. The Groups make it possible for up to 256 members to share their ideas each other. No interruptions will happen even during the most active hours. Group chat is an excellent way to stay in touch with many people without having to message each one of them individually. Therefore, start enjoying the WhatsApp Messenger group chat.


WhatsApp’s interface is clean and easy, with a bottom nav bar for Favorites, Status, Contacts, Chats, and Settings. Favorites display your Contacts who use WhatsApp and provides the ability to invite contacts via mail, message or Twitter. The status allows you to set a status like Available, Busy or In A Meeting, or remove your status. And you can also start a new conversation within Chats by tapping the Compose button in the upper right. Chats lists your conversations and allows you to start group chats. Settings are where you can tweak everything from font size and message timestamp to notifications.


While WhatsApp is 99 cents on iOS and has a 99-cent annual fee on all different platforms, a massive appeal of the app is that there are no international fees so that you can chat with WhatsApp friends wherever. However, while you make a phone call, carrier rates apply. On Viber, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger, calling is free to different users of these services.


WhatsApp is The Best messenger app out the re. With numerous versatile features, it does a lot more than an initial communication application for your Android or iOS devices. The greatest thing is that the app is accessible for free of cost without any extra cost for locating any of the features. No annoying advertisements are the re, or no unwanted promotions will interrupt you. That even doesn’t cost you a penny to call your friends with or without the video calling feature.

We weren’t capable of finding any bugs in the app. So, if you’re looking for a good resolution to keep in touch with your friends and family.

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