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Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review

by Clinton Harding
7 minutes read
Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi leaves an excellent first impression with this LED flatscreen that is powered by Fire TV. It is not the kind of set that will win any awards for its design or performance, but if user-friendliness and a large amount of streaming content are what you’re looking for, it does a good job of meeting your needs. We have already seen televisions that come equipped with Fire TV.

So this does not come as a surprise to us. It is quite easy to use, and there is no need to worry about an additional streaming stick because it is integrated right in, much like a Fire TV Stick would be. In contrast, the F2’s audiovisual capabilities are more of a grab bag than anything else. The Xiaomi F2 L50M7, which has a screen size of 50 inches, is the model that we are evaluating, however it is also available in 43 and 55 inch screen sizes.


ModelF2 Fire TV
Display4K Ultra HD
Operating SystemAndroid TV
ProcessorQuad-core A53
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB
Voice ControlYes
Remote ControlBluetooth Voice Remote

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review: Design

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review

Most of the time, the Xiaomi F2 looks and feels like what it is: a cheap TV. Even though it looks like the body is built around a metal frame, it is very light, and its shiny black finish can’t hide the fact that it is made of plastic. The only good thing about its design is that a plastic cover that goes over the screen and most of the screen frame makes it look like there is almost no border at all. You can buy this tvs from its official website

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review: Features

We’ve already talked about the big news, but let’s go over it again: the Xiaomi F2 is a 43-inch 4K LCD TV that costs just £299 despite running on the Amazon Fire TV smart platform, which has a ton of content.

The F2 adds HDR to its picture in the basic forms of HDR10 and HLG, but neither HDR10+ nor Dolby Vision are supported. This is a shame, but at this price, it’s hardly a surprise. It has an amazing four HDMI ports, but they don’t support any of the latest gaming features, like VRR, 4K at 120Hz, or even Auto Low Latency Mode switching, which is a shame.

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review: Picture quality

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review

For the amount of money the F2 costs, you shouldn’t expect it to have the best HDR performance in its class. The HDR performance of the set is just a little below what we would hope to see at this price. We used a 10% window and turned off Dynamic Backlighting to test the HDR peak brightness, which came out to be 285 nits. Even though the TV is HDR-compatible and works with both HDR10 and HLG, neither HDR10 nor HLG are very bright on the TV.

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review: Performance

Motion processing is done at 60Hz, and I think it works fine. When you stream Homeland from Netflix, the movement of the characters’ heads makes the picture blurry and jerky, and the patterns on the side of a car become unsteady. The Gray Man on Netflix gets a processed look, and as things move across the screen, the picture becomes less stable. Even though the TV isn’t very bright, there isn’t any blooming, but the backlight does sometimes leak.

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review: Price & Availability

The F2 is near the top of its growing line of TVs, and it’s not as cheap as you might think from a name that hasn’t made much of a splash in the UK TV market yet. The prices of the F2’s different models are similar to those of more well-known brands. The 43-inch model costs £399, the 50-inch model tested here costs £449, and the 55-inch F2 costs £499. Even though these prices won’t break the bank, they aren’t as good as some other options.

Final Words

Given the price, the Xiaomi F2 does everything you’d expect it to do. It has a cookie-cutter look and comes with the Fire TV portal, which has a lot of material. It also has a generally good LED LCD budget screen. So, it’s best to think of it as a second set for a bedroom or kitchen, or for watching without much thought. Native 4K sources look sharper than HD sources that have been scaled up, and the sound is clear enough for a cheap buy.

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV Ratings

  • Design
  • Features
  • Picture quality
  • Performance


The Fire TV platform has a lot of features, but the Xiaomi F2 TV has bad pictures, is slow to respond, and has a high input lag.

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV review: THE GOOD AND THE BAD

The Good

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Alexa built-in

The Bad

  1. Settings aren’t well explained


Is Xiaomi a good brand of TV?

First of all, the scores are great. This TV is a 4K Ultra HD smart TV, and I like any 4K TV that is cheap. Even though 43 inches doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s a pretty good size. Even though this TV is 4K, it only has a frame rate of 60Hz.

Is Xiaomi is better than Samsung?

Samsung top models are better than Xiaomi. Xiaomi is better than Samsung when it comes to software. Samsung makes high-end phones with nice screens and good cameras. Xiaomi makes good phones in both the low and middle price ranges.

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