Reviews » Yamaha TW-E7B review 2023: great sound qaultiy

Yamaha TW-E7B review 2023: great sound qaultiy

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Yamaha TW-E7B review

The TW-E7B are completely wireless earbuds that serve as Yamaha’s flagship model. The TW-E7B includes a variety of other features in addition to its 10mm drivers and support for aptX Adaptive. These features include active noise cancellation and a transparency mode, a Listening Care feature to adjust sound at low volumes.

A listening optimizer mode for adjusting to your ears, and a low-latency Gaming mode. Additionally, the TW-E7B features a Listening Care feature to adjust sound at low volumes. The TW-E7B are priced at $280 and compete with products such as the Sony WF-1000XM4, the Apple AirPods Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

Yamaha TW-E7B specifications

Frequency range20 Hz – 20 kHz
Weight speaker7 grams Kg
Waterproof RatingIPX5
Playback timeUp to 22 hrs

Yamaha TW-E7B review: Design and features

Yamaha TW-E7B review

The E7B’s housing contains a 10mm dynamic driver, which has an average level of output that isn’t much different from what we’re used to hearing from true wireless headphones. The E7B has a lot of headroom, but how loud it is mostly depends on the person who is listening to it. I thought it was flexible enough for what they are, and ANC makes it a little easier to use.

The noise-canceling is good, but other true wireless earbuds in this price range are better. Its isolation works well when you’re sitting in a room with loud vents, but it doesn’t block out much else. You also get modes for the environment, a mode for gaming that makes the delay longer, and a stable function for phone calls. There is also a companion app with an EQ. This app is different from Yamaha’s headphones app, which lets you use 3D. You can buy this earbuds from its official website.

1. Yamaha TW-E7B review: Audio quality

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The Yamaha TW-E7B has a single dynamic driver that is 10mm in size. With Bluetooth 5.2, they can connect to SBC, AAC, and aptX Adaptive codecs, but they can’t connect to more than one device at a time. The TW-E7B tend to sound warmer.

Even though Yamaha says the sound is real, there is a lot of sub-bass and mid-bass boost on the bass frequencies, which gives the sound a lot of colour. When compared to most other earbuds on the market, it has a more reserved tuning, and the bass never gets too loud.

2. Yamaha TW-E7B review: Noise Cancellation

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Yamaha TW-E7B review

Yamaha says that the earbuds can last for about six hours on a single charge and that the case can hold a charge for another 16 hours. Your results will, of course, depend on how loud you are and whether or not you use active noise cancellation.

The company says that it takes two hours to fully charge the earphones when they are empty and that 10 minutes of charging should give you about an hour of playback time. From empty, the case takes about three hours to charge.

3. Yamaha TW-E7B review: Performance and battery life

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The Yamaha TWE7B doesn’t do as well when it comes to cutting out enough noise, whether you’re using the pair inside or outside. This pair of headphones from Yamaha has low latency, which is something that many other manufacturers don’t do. The mics on these are pretty good, and the sound on the other end is clear, even if it’s not the loudest.

The TW-E7B lasted almost 6 hours on a single charge, which is what the company says it can do. With about 16 hours of use, this thing’s battery life is nothing to be upset about. In the box, you’ll find a short USB A to C cable and extra ear tips of different sizes. It takes almost 3 hours to fully charge the case and buds. The pair works with Fast Pair on Android, but not on Windows. There were no problems with connectivity during use.

4. Final Words

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Even though the Yamaha TW-E7B are currently on sale for $250, they are hard to sell. They sound good, are comfortable, have a decent battery life, and look good. But the ANC’s performance leaves a lot to be desired, which is a cardinal sin at this price point, especially when you look at how good the competition is. Also, most of them have good sound.

GoPro Hero10 Black Ratings

  • Design and Features
  • Performance
  • Image quality


The TW-E7B earbuds look a little chunky and may not be the sleekest on the market. But the outside is stylish, with a round shell with spots and a round metal tip. (Available in other colours) On the other hand, the TW-E7B is one of the best-fitting true wireless headphones I’ve worn.


  • Fits very nicely
  • Sounds good


  • App does not work


What is the frequency response of Yamaha TW-E7B?

The Yamaha TW-E7B connects to other devices using Bluetooth 5.2 and supports the SBC, AAC, and aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codecs. The frequency response range of the headset is from 20 to 20,000 Hz, and it has 10mm dynamic drivers. 

How good are Yamaha earbuds?

During my testing, the Yamaha TW-E7B were very easy to use. The ear tips are the only part of the earbuds that touch your ears. This means that there is no pressure on any other part of your ears that could make you feel uncomfortable. You can wear them for hours without even realising it. 

What does TW stand for Yamaha?

The Yamaha TW200 is a dual-sport motorcycle with a single cylinder and 196 cc. It has been made and sold by Yamaha since 1987. Trail Way is shortened to TW. The kick start was taken away in 2001, and the front drum brake was changed to a disc brake.

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