6 Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Headsets

by Jones David

Whether you are a console baby or a hardcore PC gamer, investing in good headsets is essential for improving the gaming experience. However, with the various gaming headsets brands and models, all with distinct budgets in the market, picking suitable devices can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Read on for six factors to consider to purchase the right gaming headsets tailored to your requirements.

  1. Gaming platform

The first step to choosing ideal gaming headsets is identifying the gaming platform you intend to be playing on, whether it’s a PlayStation, Xbox One, Mac, or PC. Often, headsets with 3.5mm connections are compatible with multiple platforms. You could connect them with a console, laptop, or PC via a headset jack. However, certain consoles are software dependent, so they may not support specific functions of particular gaming headphones. 

  1. Noise isolation

Poor noise isolation often changes what you hear, especially for games that require directional audio cues. When shopping for gaming headsets, look out for terms like ‘Active Noise Canceling’ and Passive Noise Isolation.

If you are looking for a gaming headset that won’t pick up background noise, you should invest in devices with the term Active Noise Canceling (ANC).  ANC refers to the technology used to filter out background sounds for better and clear audio quality.

Passive Noise Isolation, also known as just noise isolation, describes headsets that use their physical design to block noise from external sources. These gaming headsets often feature a closed back and a tight fit around the headband and ear cup to isolate sounds and secure seals.

  1. Comfort

A  gaming session, especially when you are a professional gamer, can even go for 12 hours, so it is essential to prioritize comfort. Ideal gaming headsets should not make you feel squeezed when playing. Some crucial elements you should consider to choosing comfortable headsets include:

  1. Ear cups

The ear cups or padding are essential to the comfort of your gaming headsets. They protect your ears from hurting after an extended gaming session. Ear cups are made of leather, pure foam, pleather, and velour. While leather ear cups may appear more luxurious, they often develop sweat over extended periods. Opt for a spongier material like velour as they are soft and allow sufficient air circulation, preventing the sweaty feel.

  1. Headbands

The weight of your gaming headsets rests on the head via the headband, so it is crucial that the headband does not press the crown or ears and is adjustable and sturdy. 

  1. Wired or wireless

The most significant dilemma most gamers face when selecting ideal gaming headsets is whether to purchase wired or wireless devices. 

  1. Wired connection

These are devices that use a cable to connect to compatible audio sources. You could either use a USB port or a 3.5 mm jack. Here are the advantages of a wired connection:

  • They are more affordable than a wireless connection
  • There are plenty of options to choose from
  • You do not have to worry about purchasing batteries or charging them
  • They are more convenient to set up and use. 
  • Wired headphones are lighter than wireless devices.


  • Wired cables are more vulnerable to wear and tear, or breakage
  • They often restrict your movement.
  1. Wireless connection

Wireless headsets maintain their connection via wireless USB dongles or Bluetooth technology. The following are the benefits of wireless headsets:

  • Wireless headsets offer less movement restriction
  • They come with a receiver that plays the role of a stand
  • Wireless devices have a cross-platform compatibility

Some drawbacks of wireless headsets include the following:

  • They are more expensive than wired connections as the manufacturers have to prioritize audio quality along with the wireless performance.
  • Extended charging periods and meager battery life
  • Unlike wired connections, wireless headsets are platform-specific.
  1. Microphone

Gaming headsets often feature an attached microphone. The mics can be omnidirectional or unidirectional.

  1. Omnidirectional microphones

These are mics that pick up sounds from multiple directions. These microphones are excellent for use where numerous users intend to use the headset in a quiet environment with little external noise.

  1. Unidirectional microphones

A unidirectional mic picks up sounds from a single direction. This helps minimize external noise in a congested environment or an area where multiple people are gaming.

  1. Price

An effective way to determine the quality of specific headsets is by considering their price. Some of the best headsets are priced above $200, but you can still get decent headphones for less than $100. However, ensure that you read reviews and testimonials to purchase quality headphones under a reasonable price range.


Headsets are essential accessories every gamer should have. Fortunately, you do not have to break your bank to get decent headsets. Keep the above factors in mind to buy gaming headsets tailored to your gaming needs and under a reasonable budget. 

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/w5m3PIGvkqI 

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