Virtual world of 2020: how to go to all the places your heart desires online?

by Jones David

Going anywhere using online services is a good practice for those who have a lack of time. This site could save you time and be handy if you’re always busy. If you are relatively unfamiliar with Internet dating and have decided to investigate the huge potential of this leisure activity, the first thing that will strike you is the overwhelming choice available.

At the top level, you can select websites to sign up to based on the type of relationship you’re seeking, straight, gay, or otherwise, as well as whether you would prefer casual encounters or long-term relationships. At the next tier down, the subject matter is driven by the diversity of individual taste. Are you interested in cougar dating? BDSM? How about finding a partner who shares your passion for sports or metal music? The range of choice is limited only by imagination.

You could spend some time browsing through the alternatives, or you could use online resources that have already done the groundwork for you, highlighting and reviewing the attributes of various sites. Another aspect of online dating that is so potent is the way you are empowered. Signing up is like stating a password that allows entry into a whole new dimension, somewhere you can interact with whoever you wish. You are in control, deciding which filters to apply when you’re searching, and what type of person you’d like to meet.

Online dating has been one area of social activity quick to embrace technology. Up until a few years ago, these platforms were used for singles to interact with prospective partners by exchanging text messages or sharing images. The advent of video chatting software has meant site users now have the option of seeing the person they’re conversing with. In the dating context, this has also introduced the potential of an even more vivid development from – couples can not only enjoy a hot chat, but they can also do so in full view of a partner, introducing mutual masturbation to enhance their connections.

Another exciting feature of technology is that it never stagnates, and the next stage in the evolution of online dating is never far away. One particularly innovative advancement is virtual reality (VR). Gaming has already benefited from giving players the option of donning headsets that allow them to become immersed in a three-dimensional world. Although VR was explored almost 40 years ago in the Walt Disney-produced movie Tron, like so many other science fiction concepts, it has become reality. Again, the dating world has seized on the prospects of giving users connecting remotely an ever more intense experience.

Could virtual reality help us to find love?

Most people considering online matchmaking will still be thinking along the lines of meeting other singles and exchanging discreet messages. The thought of virtual interaction is not likely to be at the forefront of their reasons for registering with a site or downloading an app. But the software has been under development for some time, as tech developers have realized that giving customers this added dimension of hype-realism is the next step in the evolution of Internet dating. Systems such as Oculus Rift have been pioneered with the games industry firmly in mind, but the likes of Morpheus headsets and others are focussed on a truly immersive pornographic experience. Some websites are now producing content specifically designed to allow people to enjoy on VR.

Some time ago, online porn embraced the world of camcorder interaction and live shows, giving clients virtual access to models performing at the far end of a camera connection. Teledildonics has taken this a step further, allowing tactile sensations to be transmitted over a data link. Monetising this synergetic cooperation provides dating sites with the potential to generate even more mind-boggling income.

VR is the final piece in this jigsaw, removing the barrier between consumer and virtual partner in all but physical location. This follows on from the way the porn industry has evolved over the past few decades. Video players (VCRs) were invented so that people could watch movies at home. They soon allowed explicit material to be watched in privacy. Smartphones, developed for convenient communication, enabled naughty images to be exchanged. VR headsets have taken another mainstream device and taken tactile connectivity a stage further. 

Real or virtual love: advantages for personal life.

Although it might seem as if falling in love with pixels remains a scenario for science fiction, as the tech advances, the user will gain ever more vivid impressions of the person they are connecting with, not just visually, but via teledildonics. You could meet someone online, fall in love, and continue VR connections when you aren’t together.

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