8 Best Job Search Apps You Have to Try

Best Job Search Apps – Even though Internet made a job search a lot easier, it didn’t remove all of the obstacles on the way to a perfect work. Yes, these days you can access databases and create better CVs and resumes, but the whole process sometimes takes way too much time and instructions are not always clear. In this article, you’ll be able to find great apps that make a whole process of the job search less complicated.
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List of 8 Best Job Search Apps You Have to Try

Simply Hired

Simply Hired has a huge database, that includes many offers from different companies. When you sign up by e-mail, you get notifications about vacancies based on your previous search. This app is accessible mostly in North America, and there are only a few other countries included.

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ZipRecruiter has created not a long time ago, but this app has already become pretty popular and received a lot of positive feedback. You can browse hundreds of job positions that interest you and apply for them quickly and instantly with a help of “one click apply”. It’s perfect for everybody who is busy all the time.

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This app has a nice and modern design – truly a feast for the eyes. One for the Best features of this program is that it allows you to see how many people have applied for the job you are interested in, and anybody can see how good their chances are.

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This app helps you access various job listings and salary reports that come from the employees. There is also a tool called “Know Your Worth” that gives you an evaluation of your market values, compares them with other specialists in your field and determines an approximate salary for you.

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Good.Co is not a usual job search app. It uses multiple personality tests like “What are your unique strengths?” or ‘What is your spirit animal?” that help rediscover your character, strengths, and traits. And then the most interesting part begins: it matches up to your results with companies that fit your qualities.

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Indeed’s jobs database is probably the largest one. Its user base exceeded 100 million people! It is spread all over the world: it’s available in more than 60 countries and in 28 languages. Also, you can apply for the job directly from the app or get email notifications when a new vacancy appears in a field or category you were interested in.

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The name of this app speaks for itself – it’s literally a compass for a new job! JobCompass helps you seek a job not by ZIP code, but… your smartphone’s GPS! It helps you determine where the job is in relation to you or other places that are nearby. There are more than 50 countries available! When you find something you really liked, just email it to yourself or apply in the app right away!

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CityHour is some kind of social network for people, who have just started working in their field and need a tip or two from professionals. This app allows you to set up meetings in 50 miles radius with highly qualified specialists and ask them any questions about your job – great opportunity to get an insight before you start working!

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