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The 5 Best Attendance Apps (2023) for accurate payroll

All-in-one time and attendance apps for the deskless workforce

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Best Attendance Apps

Efficiently tracking employee work hours and time off is essential for accurate payroll and avoiding costly errors. You can make this process easier and stop problems like buddy punching and time theft with the help of time tracking apps. Finding the right app for your business can be a game-changer that saves you time and effort.

Instead of having to deal with paperwork and try to remember when employees work, these apps make it easy. Whether you need to keep track of exact work hours, stop rounding, or keep an eye on attendance, these top attendance apps can help. Find the tool that fits your needs and makes it easier to track time and attendance.

Best Attendance Apps Comparison Table

ProductKey FeaturesProsConsDownload Link
ConnecteamTime tracking, GPS tracking, scheduling, payroll, reportsUser-friendly interface, mobile appLimited integration optionsDownload Now
actiPLANSAbsence management, leave requests, approvalsCustomizable settings, easy to useLimited features compared to other appsDownload Now
Clock PunchTime clock, employee scheduling, time off requestsSimple and intuitive interfaceLacks advanced features and integrationsDownload Now
WiFi AttendanceWi-Fi based attendance tracking, real-time dataConvenient and accurate attendance trackingRequires compatible Wi-Fi infrastructureDownload Now
QuickBooks TimeTime tracking, GPS tracking, project trackingIntegration with QuickBooks, reportingLimited features compared to dedicated appsDownload Now

1. Connecteam

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Best Attendance Apps
Time trackingTrack employee working hours, breaks, and overtime.
Mobile appAccess the app on iOS and Android devices for convenient time tracking on the go.
SchedulingCreate and manage employee schedules, assign shifts, and track availability.
CommunicationCommunicate with employees through chat, updates, and announcements.
Task managementAssign and track tasks, set deadlines, and monitor task progress.
Reporting and analyticsGenerate reports on attendance, working hours, and productivity.

Connecteam is the best online time and attendance app that lets you keep track of your employees’ work hours and handle their timesheets easily and accurately from anywhere. It has a single-touch time clock, GPS tracking, job-specific time tracking options, automated timesheets, absence and time off management, streamlined payroll handling, and more.

Connecteam also has great customer service, an easy-to-use interface, extra tools for managing employees, and a platform that can be changed a lot to fit your business’s specific needs. This is one of the Best Attendance Apps.

The Good

  1. Interface that’s easy to use
  2. A mobile app for viewing on the go
  3. Complete tools for keeping track of and managing time
  4. Communication and job management skills that work well

The Bad

  1. Few choices for integrating with other software
  2. Some more advanced tools may need paid add-ons or plans.

2. actiPLANS

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Best Attendance Apps
Absence managementManage employee leaves, vacations, and time off requests.
Team calendarVisualize and plan team schedules and absences in a shared calendar.
Leave accrualsTrack and manage employee leave balances and accruals.
Reporting and analyticsGenerate reports on employee absences, leave balances, and trends.
IntegrationIntegrate with other HR and payroll systems for seamless data exchange.

actiPLANS is an easy-to-use method for keeping track of absences and setting up work schedules. It makes it easier to approve leave requests and figure out time off balances. It also makes resource planning easier and helps make accurate work schedules in a way that is flexible and super handy.

You can add as many different types of leave and work tasks as you want to the system, and then you can schedule them on easy-to-understand visual timelines. Then, actiPLANS will automatically send your team an email with the latest schedule changes, so you don’t have to spend another second on this job. This is one of the Best Attendance Apps.

The Good

  1. Specialized in managing absences and keeping track of time off.
  2. User-friendly design
  3. Team calendars make it easy to see what’s going on.
  4. Reporting and data can help you see more.

The Bad

  1. Few benefits besides managing absences
  2. Some systems may not have many ways to connect.

3. Clock Punch

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Best Attendance Apps
Time trackingTrack employee working hours and attendance.
Punch clockUse a digital punch clock for employees to clock in and out.
Geolocation trackingTrack employee location during clock-ins and clock-outs.
ReportingGenerate reports on employee attendance, working hours, and overtime.

Clock Punch is a simple attendance app for Android that lets you keep track of how much time you spend at work. To make the process of punching in and out easier, the app has an easy-to-use screen button that lets you record start and stop times and shows how much time you’ve spent working today.

The free version of the app has an automatic time clock and a log of the last five days’ worth of time. In the paid version, you can get automatic reminders and keep track of time you’re not working, such as daily breaks, sick days, and holidays. This is one of the Best Attendance Apps.

The Good

  1. Simple and clear way to keep track of time
  2. Tracking of geolocation for more accuracy
  3. Options with reasonable prices
  4. Simple ways to report

The Bad

  1. Compared to more complete options, it has fewer features.
  2. Lack of advanced work management and scheduling tools

4. WiFi Attendance

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Best Attendance Apps
Wi-Fi based trackingTrack employee attendance based on their Wi-Fi connection to the workplace.
GeofencingSet up virtual boundaries and receive notifications when employees enter or leave specified areas.
Real-time monitoringMonitor attendance in real-time and receive instant updates.
ReportingGenerate reports on employee attendance, late arrivals, and early departures.

It keeps the staff on the network by using Wi-Fi routers in the office. So, workers can only punch in if their devices are connected to the office’s Wi-Fi. This keeps them from cheating on their time cards, like having a friend punch them in. This is one of the Best Attendance Apps.

The system also has apps for team managers and HRs that let them track the location and participation of their team members. The web app, which is also part of the system, gives managers more information about workers’ absences and attendance.

The Good

  1. Using Wi-Fi to automatically keep track of attendance
  2. Geofencing to track workers’ whereabouts accurately Real-time monitoring to get answers right away
  3. Reporting choices that can be changed

The Bad

  1. depends on Wi-Fi connection, which may not be good for all workplaces.
  2. Few benefits besides keeping track of attendance
  3. May need more setting up and configuring

5. QuickBooks Time

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Best Attendance Apps
Time trackingTrack employee working hours, breaks, and overtime.
GPS trackingMonitor employee location during working hours.
Project and job costingAllocate time and expenses to specific projects or jobs for accurate cost tracking.
Reporting and payroll integrationGenerate reports on employee time, create timesheets, and integrate with QuickBooks for seamless payroll processing.

Your workers can keep track of time quickly and easily with the devices they already have and know how to use. Reminders to clock in and out, employee breaks, and overtime alerts help keep everyone on the same page.

Employees can clock in and out on their PC, laptop, or mobile phone by using iPhone or Android apps, texting, or dialing in. Even when you’re not online or connected to the Internet, QuickBooks Time tracks time accurately and instantly syncs when you’re back in range.

The Good

  1. Integration with QuickBooks makes it easier to handle payroll.
  2. Using GPS to track people based on where they are
  3. Costing tools for projects and jobs to keep track of costs accurately
  4. Reporting tools for better understanding and processing of payroll

The Bad

  1. Compared to specific time tracking solutions, it has fewer features.
  2. For full capabilities, you need a QuickBooks subscription.
  3. May take some time to learn for people who haven’t used QuickBooks before.


Can attendance apps be used for remote or virtual attendance tracking?

Yes, attendance tools can be used to track attendance from afar or virtually. Many attendance apps have features like online check-ins, virtual attendance tracking, and integration with video conferencing platforms that make it easier to handle attendance from afar.

Are attendance apps compatible with different devices and platforms?

Most apps for taking attendance are made to work on a variety of devices and platforms. They are often offered as web apps, mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, or even desktop software. It’s important to pick an attendance app that works on the devices and running systems you use most.

How can I choose the best attendance app for my organization?

Consider your organization’s needs, your budget, and the features we’ve already talked about to choose the best attendance app. Look at different options, read reviews, and think about trial periods or demos to figure out if the app is easy to use and meets the needs of your group.

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